When it comes to quintessential Melbourne, two things come to mind. A considerable and burgeoning cafe culture and an extensive network of esteemed street art.

And when it comes to urban art none is more prominent than the infamous Hosier Laneway.

Encircled by old world Victorian architecture and paved with quaint bluestone cobblestones, a most European like setting, though one which is hardly unique to this city. And like most Melbournian laneways its entryway is adroitly nondescript; nothing compelling to entice or beckon within. An innocently uneventful site to a small few and one easily overlooked by those on their morning commutes.

However the throngs of humans traipsing, admiring, photographing and gazing about are a telltale sign.

Hosier Lane is famed not only for its notable and acclaimed signature but for the creative energy found freely and in abundance. This is a real mecca for creatives in any field, though hardly exclusive to the visionary few, the copious artistic expressions on display is a euphoria for the senses; seemingly a visual delight for the eyes. This laneway (and many others dotted throughout Melbourne city) is a true demiurgic explosion for the creative mind, one that will leave you undeniably inspired and ready to compose.

This is a landmark specifically celebrated for it's diverse and evolving street art scene. One that is distinguished by it's perpetual vibrancy and political remarks. This was once a prolific Banksy hotspot and now boasts iconic works from Adnate. His grand mural of an indigenous boy on the back of the McDonald building my foremost preference. Though had I not been so consumed with capturing fleeting moments on my camera and preoccupied with the entanglement of school holiday congregation, I would love to have contemplated upwards endlessly.
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"cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right
// oprah winfree 

1, 2, 3

Happy New Year to all. I trust you fared well over the holiday season. Mine was delightful, having the pleasure to entertain family traveling to our part of the world (which happens very rarely, if ever). It was fun playing tourist with my American cousins, seeing my town in a different perspective while revisiting some old favourites I long ago abandoned. It also struck a cord within, a wanderlust of sorts and a yearning to explore my very own backyard.

When it comes to New Year resolutions they can be relentlessly fleeting. At times I wonder why we bother? But then again what better time to forge tangible change than during the dawn of a New Year. Right when motivational levels are at epic proportions; not just stirring within yourself but with those around you too.

Looking back 2016 was not a particularly eventful year which left a bitter taste in my mouth; one of unaccomplished concerns, irregardless of momentum and adventures gained at the peak of the year. Last year I resolved to part ways with resolutions, opting to embrace each and every day instead. In hindsight perhaps someone with the innate tendency to procrastinate and flounder should not have been given such freedoms, as I seemingly squandered valuable time away whist simultaneously breaking such pledges to remain present. So this year I made it a point to set myself goals and expectations, electing to be vigilant and rigorous because if I don't reign in those wayfaring ways then I'll find myself in a similar situation; aghast and utterly disappointed at the conclusion of another ineffective year.

So when it came time to ponder my resolutions for 2017 I allowed myself time to linger in thought, requiring each objective to be worth its weight in metaphoric gold. However I decided against dispensing them all here and rather share a subtle conspectus. The main point was to focus on writing followed by the usual intentions for general wellbeing in terms of health and skincare. And the great need to read more and not simply peruse a synopsis or four.

In terms of blogging and writing the battle in achieving balance needs to be attained. I was reading this interview with Camille from Camille over the Rainbow about her foray and struggles with the blogging world. While the article delved in various areas, what stuck most was a paragraph about creating. Creating as if someone you cared about was reading it.

Creating something you were 300% proud of.

The last few months I've pushed myself to create on a regular basis and attempted to regain and master my original posting schedule. One which worked well with my lifestyle two years ago however one which seemingly no longer served. I was determined and yet because of such persistence I ended up wearing myself thin and publishing content and words I wasn't truly gratified with. I don't want to continue down such a route. I want 2017 to be a year I focus on my words because it is a love like no other. I am determined to write more - even if no one will actually read it. I want to grow and push myself further in my writing both creatively and personally, starting with this very post.

On a final note, there was also a need to follow suit with last years intention to remain present. These days I find myself attached to technology excessively. A yearning to share and circulate my vision is becoming overbearing. Especially on my iPhone which has been struggling to safely support this obsession of mine, a grapple I'm experiencing for the first time ever in nearly a decade of iPhone ownership. Taking photos are an ideal method for recalling adventures and moments but at the same time what memories are we actually creating when we are solely present through a manmade screen? In a sense those images become soulless and mere formations of pigmentation. All you did was focus on capturing that perfect shot and nothing more. Who you were with and what they may have said, the sights and smells around you and whether or not the sun gently caressed your skin is omitted, both from memory and actual experience.

Because it's those crucial details that cease to exist without truly being present.
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I have an obvious affinity for biker and leather type jackets. Especially ones as fierce as this bad boy from Zaful.

I guess it was those resplendent graffiti type stars emblazoned on the arms that had me at hello. Or was it the hand written typography blurb on the back that enamoured my soul? This is a jacket set to break hearts, one that sets you apart from the pack, ever excluding and always exuding effortless cool.

Straight to the point and no bullshit.

Leather jacket c/o Zaful
Boohoo lace top (similar here and here)
ASOS Rivington jeans
3.1 Phillip Lim Alix bag (similar here or in white here)
ASOS Hint heels (similar here and here)
Tom Ford Anoushka sunglasses
Larsson & Jennings watch
ASOS bracelet (similar here and here)
Lips // Tarte liner in boho, Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Nude Kate
Nails // 3ina in 135

If there were such things as sartorial spirits then this jacket would be my embodiment because of its tenaciousness. The exterior is as tough as it looks, both in terms of personification and quality. My only qualms are that in hopes of Melbourne continuing to vie off any unyielding summer heat so I can revel in this jacket some more. Also my obvious awkwardness in channeling any sort of rock star persona. Uncouth jacket shoulder drapes anyone?

On a side note, that is all for 2016 lovers. I'll be taking time off over Christmas and into the New Year so have yourselves a Merry little Christmas. Eat, drink and be overly jolly as this is the time of year for such indulgences, shenanigans and more importantly a time to be perpetually kind to one another. I won't be too absent on social media, so catch up with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So until the New Year lovers, may 2017 be all you ever hoped for.

Love and light,

Photos by Elizabeth Oro 

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Let's be honest I'm no beauty connoisseur. When it comes to ingredient lists and specific advantages I know next to nothing. Like the benefits of hyaluronic acid or why parabens free is ideal for shampoo (though I am slowly learning thanks to some amazingly informative beauty bloggers). And my beauty posts reflect this. Now when it comes to resplendent packaging and design, I'm your girl. More importantly when it comes to actually testing and using a product I am definitely your girl there too.

It's no secret that I've been battling with overly dry lips for some time now. No amount of balm has managed to repair or hydrate them in the slightest. Not even my faithful Burt's Bees. The same can be said for lip scrubs.

That was until I personally met Frank.

If you recall, Frank Body came onto the scene like a bat straight out of hell. Punchy tag lines and a long list of admiring cool kids praising their products. Their quirky prose and caffeine based products injected new life into the scrub sector and seemingly captured the hearts of many, myself included.

Their lip scrub has been my saving grace. From the first application I noticed immediate results and with continued weekly use I've bid adieu to that unsightly stale appearance. Truthfully my pucker hasn't felt this rejuvenated in months and dare I say years even. The blend of organic raw sugar and coffee granules is heavenly on the senses; both on the lips and through the nose. The distinct aroma of profound ground robusta rekindles lost memories and moments held somewhere deep in Western Europe.

From the minute you add the crystalline mixture to your lips (avoid the temptation to lick them clean) to the moment you remove (ok you can lick them now) the concoction. The entire experience is enrapturing.

Get Frank Body's miraculous lip scrub here.

Simple and not so sweet in black. Embracing my inner wild child and frolicking amongst some dazzling blooms the other week.

Lips // Charlotte Tilbury in Electric Poppy

Though it's not awfully difficult embodying my inner Stevie Nicks with this off the shoulder number from New Chic. It's bold, black and effortless and has become one of my favourite pieces yet. And for well under $15 this top is such a magnificent buy, especially considering overall quality and fit which surpassed all expectations.

I'm actually a huge fan of the exposed shoulder trend and can not wait to incorporate it fully over the next few weeks (the only thing I am looking forward to about summer). Especially after having made several impulse purchases recently. I do wonder, can one actually have too many cold shoulder pieces?

Another new item c/o New Chic that has captivated my heart is that charming white shoulder bag. While I'm not a major supporter of sartorial "dupes", this shoulder bag inspired by that infamous Chloe was one I decided to break the rules on. More so for that ethnic slash bohemian style print. Oh and its decadent gold chain because I'm such a sucker for anything gold.
Photos by Elizabeth Oro 

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