18 December 2014

The silly season is well and truly here and in less than a week (major eek!) we'll be sitting by the Christmas tree opening presents and lavishing our eyes upon a feast of festive delights. Consuming until bellies are sated, then devouring even more until the buttons on our J Brand jeans indiscreetly pops open. Ahhh Christmas, a time of perpetual joy, peace and stuffing ones face. But until then from the sound of things, most of us are yet to find our Christmas spirit. Myself included. Where has it gone? Or why it has remained dormant is beyond me. And though I can't produce a miraculous cure for a case of bah-humbug nor conjure a location spell for finding the sneaky little bugger, I do believe these little Rudolph tarts will help ease you into all that Christmas effervescence. And if it's cutesy little face doesn't bring you a smile or sense of cheer then it's gooey, caramel insides definitely will because it's caramel. Caramel.



15 December 2014

image via: my name is yeh

What is Christmas without some classic tunes? For me my fondest memories of the festive season revolve around the sounds of an old cassette tape (remember those kids?) my mother picked up for a few cents at Bentleigh market one Sunday morning. At the time I remember rolling my nine year old eyes at her because Christmas music was so lame, especially the old school stuff. Why couldn't she invest in something cooler like Mariah Carey? Little did I know that the melodies of Frankie Vaughan, The Kaye Sisters and Rosemary Squires would soon become a much loved favorite for many years to come. For me it's just not Christmas without this tape playing in the background on my my parents old Sony stereo. There's something about those old world tones and words about merry nothings and cheer that never fail to bring a smile to my dial, despite the horrendous sound quality of a nineties cassette tape. I guess it takes you back to a simpler time where people were amiable and not reliant on technology for entertainment and connectivity. Where families and friends gathered for lavish dinner parties and brandy by the fireplace and sung by the grand baby piano. Though this may be far from the truth, that is how I envision such a time to be regardless. People revelling in each others company with nothing but kindness and merriment to be had. If only todays world mirrored that slightly. Do you guys have a favorite Christmas song this time of year or find you have certain traditions that make it truly festive?




11 December 2014

It's funny how we immediately associate the festive season with the colour red. Not green but red. And naturally it's ubiquitous right now. I hadn't given much thought to this before and perhaps I have far too much free time on my hands right now but this not-so-rare phenomenon fascinates me. Especially in the blog world where you'll note that the majority of bloggers who share their outfits with us are also turning to wine tones. Most are electing to add a touch of festive cheer to their ensembles and it's almost aways through a splash or complete saturation of crimson. Red is the undeniable primary colour we swerve to most during the Holiday season. Be it in your outfit, home decor or (especially) in food, in both savoury or sweet morsels, from sauces to fruits, red will be found. In reality this should come as no surprise given that colour certainly dictates our world. It's used to sell us products, invoke emotions and create biased hunger. We paint and create our world with it, affiliate brands and events with them. Colour is not as basic as you may think. It's complicated. Not only in the spectrum of hues but in its overall presence. There's an actual science to it.


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