23 February 2015



17 February 2015

Still keeping with all things pink but I'm toughening shit up with a touch of rock 'n' roll. I have such a soft spot for vintage rocker tees. I used to posses quite the collection when I was much. much younger (as well as some cringeworthy boy band ones too), however I tossed them out in unnecessary haste many moons ago and have regretted it since. I've been desperate to accumulate that awesomeness once more but have had the most difficult time in my pursuits. At least in finding the genuine, vintage kind that is. I have purchased one or two newbies but they're just not the same as those made in 70's or 80's. There's an air of je ne sais quoi about that vintage kind and much mystery too. Oh if only they could speak, just imagine the tales they would tell! Drugs? Sex? Hendrix? And then there's places they'd possibly ventured to like Woodstock? Or front row at a Guns & Roses gig? And much like a dusty novel awaiting to be read or that stranger you meet on the train who has lead the most unconventional life, those tee's have stories that we need to indulge in. Which is what I love most about them, not just for the typography or art but the intrigue of where it roamed all these years since and where it will continue to travel to in the near future.

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16 February 2015

There is no denying it, timepieces are du jour right now but then again, when are they not? A watch is something that is consistently on trend and irrevocably transcendent making it well worth the investment. And what makes for a better investment than the highly coveted and widely recognised Rolex. As style mavens I think it's safe to say that the majority of us are lusting after a Rolex watch. I know I most certainly am and if I am honest, have been crushing on them for many years now. And despite their Ladies Presidents being seriously out of my budget (at least in my case presently) I've recently discovered an expeditious route for acquiring one. And that is through preowned. And who better than Swiss-Wrist.com? A trusted online luxury retailer specialising in the sales of authentic preowned Rolex watches. And with an impressive and incredibly vast range for selection and with prices varying from mid-range to high-end, that dream of possessing your very own Rolex watch need not remain fantasy but can become actual reality ladies. Take a look for yourself and shop ladies Rolex watches today.

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