I find as I've gotten older the days of venturing to the city for brunch or Saturday night cocktails becomes less common as sheer convenience becomes more appealing. That and the majority of my friends and acquaintances have now settled farther away from ideal city fringes. Considering this is the new norm for Gen-Yer's there's been a new trend in Melbourne's cafe culture in random gems in the most unlikely of places. Like lacklustre high street malls from our childhood are now being converted with contemporary eateries. Even odd residential corners and pockets that once would have been considered business suicide are proving otherwise. Take Left Field for example who to this day have a continuous stream of customers lining out past their doors.

While Jing Jing is located in a (somewhat) newer development in The Village, its position is another example of the new norm in restaurants. What was once typical of lifeless cafes and fast food eateries, food courts and sites accompanying supermarket chains are anything but drab. They're promptly filling up with innovative and polished spaces.

An ode to our generation trying to make our mark in the world.

Jing Jing specialises in authentic Thai cuisine and with an equally decadent interior combining a fusion of modern with Oriental this is a refreshing find. It is a space that personifies serenity. Much like the country itself where one happens to immediately associate and conjure pristine beaches and lush greenery. It is a peacefully cozy nook with many interior quirks from darkened wooden features to iconic galvanised iron and mismatched pendant lighting. Their vibrant, personalised wallpaper and illustrations are also a delight to the senses.

On the menu you'll find many of your typical Thai favourites, like Tom Yum and Pad Thai. There's even an vast array of Vegan and Vegetarian selections too, which is always a welcome relief for someone who doesn't overly favour meat. And while portion sizes are on the smaller side this negative is completely overshadowed by the freshness of the actual food. Presentation is also rather memorable and charming, considering stir-fry's and curry's are rarely becoming on the plate in terms of creative design. I'd say it's those gracefully quaint floral plates that wonderfully transport you back to your childhood or home. Back to memories of your grandmother or a satisfying home cooked meal by mum.
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The Village
125 Princes Hwy

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Following on from the utter chaos and conceitedness that was the Real Housewives of Sydney reunion, MBFWA began on a high note with Dion Lee at the iconic Sydney Opera House showcasing a structured array of pieces; menswear included. The streets were just as lively as the runways (aren't they ever) with a dissimilitude of structured suits and textures to voluminous exaggeration and a kaleidoscope of hues. Chanel versus Gucci. Slides against stilettos. Black versus red. But best of all androgyny and an antithesis of spirited effeminate essence with a pop of the unexpected. Be it via a fishnet sock or washed out denim blues.
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"he carries stars in his pockets because he knows she fears the dark. whenever sadness pays her a visit, he paints galaxies on the back of her hands
//alaska gold //

1. Geometric bra chain
2. Layered pendant choker necklace
3. Velvet choker necklace 
4. Round mirrored sunglasses
5. Star and moon earrings
6. Gold metal mesh crop top
7. Star wedge flatforms
8. Asymmetrical star and moon earrings

Gold in its purest form is vivid and undeniably commanding. Unequivocal in its sumptuous lustre; that distinctly delightful golden hue. It is of course malleable and varies in tones and uses, not merely content with its supremacy in reigns. A substance so precious yet rare, one torturing the souls of those unable to be duplicate it fully for centuries. While gold in its natural state poses many uses and conundrums, sartorially it is a transcendent splendour. One which never ceases to capture the imagination of creators and those who don such pieces. Myself included. From its more present and commonly favoured form of jewellery, to dazzling footware and charming bodycon maxi dresses. This humble hue is opulence personified; a gift from the Gods. And what better pairing then that of celestial matter.
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While my seemingly perpetual fondness for black denim pieces will always reign supreme, I do feel a slight compulsion and a need to introduce and showcase other hues for down below on this blog. Despite being a Melbourne girl through and through, in daily life I'm not persistently residing in my old faithful ASOS black denims either; irregardless of the slightly enforced obsidian dress code required for my work as a merchandiser. Believe it or not I truly do possess a sartorial repertoire of more than classic black bottoms like one or two blue green dresses. Residing in my closet, a vast collection of blues lay within reach, all interweaving with tones of grey, severed by a singular partition of white.

And while I felt impelled to prove such frivolities, there was also a slight yearning to coerce myself out of that convenient comfort zone. To simply expose myself and flaunt such notes, to part ways with the commonplace. And what better way than to do so with tones of navy, paired simply with a matching plaid shirt. A fundamental marriage; a humble classic. And though I felt more inclined to match such a piece with my beloved black denims, I strayed and remained firm on such resolves. The outcome a celebration of the exemplary. Blue denim jeans, the model icon. A plaid shirt, always humble but effortlessly chic. Chelsea boots, London cool and one not to be messed with. And of course Ray Ban aviators, transcendent and the original bad boy.

On a side note can I just say how I was truly touched by your wonderfully supportive comments from my last musings post. Some even had me in tears (here's looking at you Emily from Coat and Coffee) of joy. Some journey's are arduous but rewarding and there's nothing more fulfilling and ultimately jubilant than pursing a life doing what you love most. And I think at the heart of this, I had somewhat forgotten such things and instead dwelled on hardships rather than rewards. I know I may not say it nearly as enough nor am I actively as supportive on your blogs and social media these days as I once was but know this, I am eternally grateful to you all. Moving upwards and onwards, always.
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Plaid shirt c/o Zaful (similar here) .  J Brand Maria jeans (similar here and here)  .  Witchery Kendall boots  .  Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses  .   Bag c/o Zaful (similar here)


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These days our reliance and dependence on computers, mobile phones and software is unyielding. And it's set to be something that will continue to grow in spades as new products and models emerge and become available in the near future. 

While the threat of virus and unscrupulous characters perpetually lurks in ones mindset when it comes to our MAC or PC, what we sometimes fail to remember is how vulnerable our own mobile phones actually can be. And you'd be forgiven into thinking that such hazards and menaces are frivolous and non-existent when it comes to our trusty phones. I know I certainly shared those sentiments. But they are in fact just as likely to face the same perils as that of your MAC or PC. Considering we use our phones for almost everything these days, from perusing the internet, checking our emails and engaging in social media, such activities can warrant unwanted attention and insecurity. 

Thankfully there is a solution and way to ensure your mobile phone is protected from such precariously serious activities and that is with an antivirus. Protect your phone and even your tablet (let's not forget about our beloved tablets!) with AVG antivirus for mobile. With security against viruses, spyware and prying eyes and a free download, safeguarding your information has never been easier. On guard and continuously running silently in the background. And with "Pro" features you have additional benefits like the "device lock" which locks your phone if the sim card has been replaced or the "camera trap" which secretly captures a photo if someone fails to unlock your phone or tablet unsuccessfully three times. The later itself is enough to get me downloading, aside from being a novel addition, you never actually know who could be invading your privacy and secretly peeping without your knowledge and or consent.
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