27 July 2014



21 July 2014

Instagram has virtually become a way of life these days. And if you're not on the Insta-good bandwagon then chances are you're snap-happy and overly addicted to capturing your every breath and culinary delight on your mobile phones camera. There's no shame, everyone's at it. But I feel like one of the downsides to our new high-tech age of urgency is that we've seemed to displace the fondness for the printed image. And by that I mean the personal and embarrassing kind you'd no doubt find in your parents home, tucked away in a box collecting dust; they're called photo albums. Remember those? We're completely engaged in our overloaded lives that we forget to stop and smell the roses and that includes memories. Especially those of the digital kind which lets face it, gets lost within the jungles and webs of our phones and computers. You have hundreds upon hundred of visual reminders and you have every intention of doing something creatively worthwhile. You put it off today, then tomorrow and before you know it those precious memories are misplaced to a folder on your desktop.

Wouldn't it be awesome and convenient to be able to print those treasured shots immediately from your phone? Like, a click or two, you pay a small fee and your done?

They're called Printic and you're welcome.



15 July 2014

Just sitting here on this fine Tuesday imagining viewing the world through these tinted Miu Miu sunglasses. Basking under a European sun, its warmth enveloping deliciously as it kisses my bronzed flesh and inevitably leaving marks from my Zimmerman swimwear. Like some kind of VIP, I have the entire beach to my disposal. The sand I lay upon is velvety and silken while blindingly white against the flawless swirls of cerulean and turquoise water.  My hands are occupied, one capturing a single moment one thousand times via an electronic device, while the other grips a green coconut lavished with a novelty neon pink umbrella and matching straw; the condensation pooling on my palm.

Ahh, if only! Shop one quarter of the dream right here.

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