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2 October 2015


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Can you believe it has been several weeks now since our beloved ceased to exist? This has been hard to swallow for me and I must admit I've been a little emotional. Ten years strong they were, which is impressive; a whole decade. I remember how accessible it made fashion to a girl living in the south eastern suburbs, with a penchant for labels that most of her fellow twenty one year old girl squad were oblivious to. How effortless it was for me to view shows and see new collections all sans palaver of scourging through printed pages. It was one of the initial apps I installed on my first ever iPhone, the radical 3G. I spent far too much time perusing that app. They made the impossible possible by giving me an innovative and thrilling way of accessing even more style and all without that incessant need to wait for internet browsers to load. I remember awaiting an order of fish n chips, seated on that uncomfortable emerald green bench on a hot summers day, amusing myself by scrolling through runway shows, utterly delighted to find the new season of Twenty8Twelve (anyone else recall the hype?) uploaded. I was undeniably obsessed with the app, which swiftly removed the reigns from my hallowed Harpers Bazaar magazine.

Most of all I remember the enveloping comfort in visiting this website had for me. Those dull hours of a long work day made slightly more cheerful because of its content. The site itself was a mecca for me. Not only for when I was young and irrevocably fashion fixated but for when I first began this blog and used the site countless times as a reference and for some much need inspiration and direction. It's somber to imagine that sartorial hub no longer as it was but now redirecting to Vogue. All those moments spent trawling through their pages, alas, no more.

30 September 2015


Over the course of this project, I have identified plastic waste from fifty nations on six continents that have washed ashore along the coast of Sian Ka’an. Conflating the hand of man and nature, at times I distribute the objects the way the waves would; at other times, the plastic takes on the shape of algae, roots, rivers, or fruit, reflecting the infiltration of plastics into the natural environment. More than creating a surreal or fantastical landscape, these installations mirror the reality of our current environmental predicament. The resulting photo series depicts a new form of colonization by consumerism, where even undeveloped land is not safe from the far-reaching impact of our disposable culture. // Alejandro Duran  

When I first came across this post on Style For Mankind, I knew these images would forever be cemented into memory. Because as eerily beautiful these images are, the reality of which is certainly cause for perturb and trepidation. The amount of waste that now lines and engorges our oceans is disturbing at best. Plastic, while convenient is probably our worst pollutant. And while I like to describe myself as a recycle nazi I was mortified to learn (read the article here) that I was still contributing to this problem by using products containing microbeads.

That word probably sounds familiar to you right? That's because it is. Microbeads are microscopic fragments of plastic that are found in beauty products which aid in exfoliation. Harmless yet effective on the skin, only to end up washed down our drains and into the ocean to further coagulate.

We're facing a plastic crisis and we don't even know it. // Stephanie Green

We live in an incredibly fast paced society, which has zero intention of slowing down. We are always pressing for convenience, finding ways to "better" improve daily life that we forget to delve deeper and see just how such conveniences may effect our planet in the long term. Not just the impact to nature which we have irrevocable, undisputed responsibility to but also to ourselves. Surely you realise by now that all that chemically laden plastic waste that seemingly drifts ever so peacefully in the ocean is tainting that very water in which fish thrive upon. The same fish that you no doubt consume and in turn, unwittingly devour such toxins. If that doesn't make you sit up and contemplate, then shit I don't know what will.

We're not only annihilating our planet with consumerism but we are destroying ourselves no less. We engross ourselves with frivolousness and take more than we need. Our apathetic attitudes to waste is shameful and irresponsible. Out of sight, out of mind. Let someone else pain over this. Decades of neglect is now finally catching up to us. Like Glass Beach in California, a beach used for dumping garbage in the 1940's (which happened to be the norm), now houses a fine collection of curated polished glass. Sure, it's a resplendent and unique marvel but just envision the geological damage and atrocities such stupidity caused. Worse still is what we shamefully dub The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. If you're not familiar with it you'd probably remember seeing decomposing images of albatross carcasses, stomachs teaming with plastic junk. It's essentially vortexes of abyssal waste sailing in the heart of our oceans. Which is utterly grim and sorrowful. Especially the impact to wildlife. Photos of deceased birds, surviving on adrift plastic rubble remnants is heartbreaking. Alejandro Duran's Washed Up Series is poignant to the issue and much too powerful for us to simply ignore or admire as art. It's a revelation, a fierce call to arms, to action. Let us no longer bury our heads in the sand.

28 September 2015


Acne Studios have successfully freshened and modernised the classic imagery of a smiley face. Taking our obsessions with anything emoji related and applying it distinguishably onto the fashion packs current fascination with sneakers. A design, completely unrelated and heterogenous to that once beloved smiley face that was erected on anything and everything back in the 1990's. Simple, tasteful even with just a hint of cheeky attitude. An unreadable expression; one that can delineate feelings of blasé, high brow or contentment. Utterly endless. The sneakers themselves exude effortless coolness coming in an array of textures and hues like the pictured above white and in nudeblack and even metallics like gold and silver. Covetable model off duty vibes, perfect with a staple uniform of distressed denims and favoured white t-shirts. Or made daringly different with billowy floral maxi's as seen here previously at Sydney Fashion Week. Like what you see? Peruse them here and share below how you'd style these cheeky devils.

24 September 2015


[ Clockwise ]
Embellished cuff by Maison Margiela 
Drunken love ring in black diamond and white old diamond by Drew&Even
Thin five finger rings by Eddie Borgo
Hollywood pumps by Aquazzura
Fringed clutch by Pierre Hardy
Embellished top by Alberta Ferretti
Striped pencil skirt by Dion Lee

Have you ever pondered over the ideal Fashion Week? Like were you to take helm of say, Australian Fashion week then where, what and who would it entail? Farfetch posed this question and I have to admit I had a great deal of pleasure contemplating it. Like the 'there', which I felt a stylish mix of iconic Melbourne and Sydney locales was due; however, evidently based in Melbourne Town. Dreamy locations like the Bondi Iceburgs and The Rocks for Sydney and a home base at The Esplanade in St Kilda for Melbourne. Being fixed waterfront is essential. And in a perfect world, the Flinders Street Station Ball Room would be available to hold the most exquisite shows for labels like Romance Was Born. The what would be an obvious array of Australian designers, like Dion Lee and Toni Maticevski. And with international headliners like Alexander McQueen, Wang and Victoria Beckham to entice. Lastly the who would include a gaggle of stylish bloggers and guests like Alexa Chung, the Hadid sisters, Leigh Lezark, Sarah Harris, and Lily Aldridge.

Importantly what does the ultimate Fashion Week ensemble comprise of? For me it's a glorious feud between minimalism and embellishment. Femininity and fierceness. A tenacious need to embody and evoke ones personality and uniqueness in a confluence of equally passionate and energetic influencers, whilst still remaining authentically you. Stripes, because stripes. A bit of platinum sparkle (yes you read that right) with understated and impracticably high heels, which are a requisite for sashaying between shows; chauffeured no less.

18 September 2015


New York fashion week is done and dusted. It felt like it flew right past no? Well onto London we go. Did you have any highlights from the Spring/Summer 2016 collections? Mine was definitely the mix of dainty and sensuousness in Marchesa's endlessly celestial designs. And of course Alexander Wangs 10th anniversary collection (these striped pants are everything) was a sight to behold. On the streets I felt like there was an exciting clash of simplicity versus extreme pigments and prints, relaxed forms and leviathan like stripes. All commingling and integrating with effortless ease. If only the world's populace as a whole could do the very same.

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