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To pursue and constantly chase after dreams takes courage and much strength. It's an arduous process but one with much gratification. But at what point does the journey simply encompass and become too much to bear? To the point where tangible contemplation in abandoning such ambitions begins to feel more realistic and practical.

Is painfully admitting defeat the best possible solution?

Simply dust yourself off and scour within for another unfamiliar (or familiar) purpose?

I've spent the last two weeks simultaneously wrestling with the common cold and some hard truths my mind felt compelled to illuminate. The past few years have been less than fruitful, from failed business ventures to the decline of other pursuits, and thus a lack of drive and ambition. I began contemplating many of the sacrifices and decisions made which inevitably lead me down the dreaded metaphoric rabbit hole into negative territory. However one question cast much doubt and perplexity. And that was if my chosen path was the correct route after all.

From the outside looking in the answer would almost certainly signal a big, fat no. But from the inside a microscopic and insignificant voice was vehemently persuading me that yes it indeed was. And while I acknowledged its wails, a stronger part of me yearned to overlook such fight and simply surrender. For the path ahead of me appeared like a contradistinction and far too obscure. As if the illustration before me seemingly did not match what lay before my eyes, despite all pathways in perfect sync. That was until this quote caught my attention and I finally took heed. A much needed signal from above; a not-so gentle nudge. Dreams exist because something within us is compelled and drawn to such desires. I do not believe that they're simply conjured without justification, an attraction sans warrant. There is a reason for such aspirations, though such things may remain enigmatic. So it is vital to listen to that inner voice, regardless of how bantam it becomes, because you certainly did not come this far, to only come this far.
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A chaotic weave of blonde and coalescing brunette strands courtesy of irascible winds and emerald green sateen glistening mutely amongst the encroaching storm clouds. Stardust, not quite, but a firm yearning for the celestial. One venerated and aggrandised with the accompaniment of elysian themed pieces, from heels to earrings; highly favoured for obvious reasons. Of course such winsomeness was something we failed to capture with thanks to Mother Nature. As was the sheer lawlessness surrounding my locks. 

One that you'd easily be mistaken into thinking that zero effort was put in place, despite being seriously on fleek.

Jamie wayfarer optical glasses c/o Glasseslit
Satin shirt c/o Zaful
Kmart denim skirt (similar here and here)
Missguided heels
Lovisa Celestial earrings
3.1 Phillip Lim Alix bag

It's also pure coincidence that I don green simultaneously following St Patricks Day a mere few days prior. Emerald and deep green tones are poised to make a grand debut sartorially and I for one have been discreetly gathering pieces and finds here and there, adding to an over expanding and ever so frivolous collection. The most recent acquisition this shirt from Zaful. And yet another resplendent and unique find from this online store. A glorious deep jewel hue in a satin fabric deliciously playing homage to the nineties yet extra playful with fanciful drop shoulders and extreme length sleeves. Somewhat reminiscent of the humble pyjama shirt, sans the standard piping fare, but equally as captivating and dare I say it wonderfully comforting.

Another point of note are these optical glasses from Glasseslit. If you recall I showcased a different style on a previous post. These happen to be my favourite pair of the two. Translucent frames paired with transcendent animalistic tortoise shell. A daring combination; subtle yet not absolutely, striking, very much so. Just ask the countless humans who approach me on a daily basis seeking such beauty. You can get yours here, with or without prescription lenses because either works a treat.
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Photos by Elizabeth Oro 


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Kate Moss photographed by Craig McDean for Vogue UK, May 2016

Indisputable style queen and icon in her own right. The epitome of one who walks to the beat of her own drum and perhaps even of Britannia herself. An unprecedented gem of our time, a charm and grace uniquely defined as her own. Worshipped and praised by my many, an inspiration to some. Kate Moss has always been an icon in my eyes. Her anomalous persona, that British rock chick ease and a champion for petite's worldwide.

All hail Ms Moss.
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Love them or hate them, the humble beard is back and here to stay.

And while popularity may waver from time to time the beard is an indisputable reference for masculinity. So to dub such natural human tendencies as a simple trend simply does not suffice, for such facial hair statements have been long pronounced, since the dawn of time in fact. From obvious utilisation for warmth during the cold to firm declarations of strength and valor when confronted by foreign males during prehistoric times to notorious signs of honour in the Middle Ages. The beard itself has an illustrious and very much remarkable tale that spans throughout history and through countless tales and fables.

"the only reason to shave your beard is for the joy of growing it again
// bryan lilly 

While the beard may not be beneficial for survival in todays modern era nor be the instigator to pointless duals over physical contact with anothers prized lock of hair, a beard is still rather notable in todays society. Made infamous by President Abraham Lincoln and once again by hipsters worldwide. And with the rapid hike of such popularity so comes with it the rise of specialised grooming like all natural beard oil and organic beard balm. Something which our male ancestors would have no doubt sold their souls for back in ancient times. Something which may surprise some to learn. Beard grooming has long been the standard for males; not exclusive to modern times. Like prehistoric man who had fashioned tweezers from shells and bones. The upkeep of ones beard has and will always remain with regard and importance. Of course these days with much more effortlessness and ease. Like the cool kids at LovelyBeards.com who specialise in the upkeep and health of beards everywhere with their balms and oils perfect for every shape, style and size. 
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[ This has been a sponsored post for Lovely Beards. Opinions and words expressed have been written by myself and are my own ]

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"if you don't remember your past, you won't know your future

// george calombaris

Australia has and always will be a multicultural society, having the majority of its population migrating from various parts of the globe and calling this country home. And in todays world were fear of "change" and unease dominate it is vital that we remember our ancestral roots. Because we were all "illegal" aliens at some point or another and such nomadic tendencies and concerns for welfare run thick through our very own DNA. We are all in fact a weave of numerous cultures, something which can be traced back through centuries upon centuries. I for one firmly believe that we should embrace others and welcome them with open arms; especially those in desperate need. There's truly so much to gain in doing so because such movements and acceptance ultimately bless us with an array of fortunes. From friendships to the arts, skills and community; but none is more prominent than the diversity of food.

Like Jimmy Grants, a casual Greek eatery by celebrity chef George Calombaris. While Greek fanfare is hardly uncommon these days, drawing inspiration from his Greek heritage George has reinvigorated a beloved classic, the humble souvlaki. More than just that iconic wrap with meat and lettuce, Jimmy Grants has elevated this culinary icon by fusing traditional concepts with favoured modern elements like aoili and some wonderfully unexpected amalgamations like the beef short ribs found in the Americano wrap. Though this type of reinvention is not solely limited to the cuisine but can be found through the decor and interior styling and architecture. One that is nostalgic of ones childhood. Of summers spent curiously inspecting galvanised garden sheds; of rummaging through your fathers tool collection. Utilitarian settings and dependable surroundings. A space where garden herbs and produce wafted in through rafters and perfumed that chaotic mess of metals; a space that was strangely ataractic. 

Much like those effortless memories the overall dining experience is one that is uncomplicated and pleasant; more relaxed than the standard restaurant fare. A simplistic menu catering for all needs and service that seemingly feels on par with upscale fast-food chains like Grill'd or Nandos. Flavour wise food does not disappoint, especially the fries coated in herbs and dappled with feta cheese, robust in seasoning and bordering saltiness curtesy of that celebrated Greek cheese. The only downside was we found was the portion sizes were on the paltry side so we did unfortunately depart slightly unsatisfied. Regardless the experience and ambiance itself is worthwhile nonetheless and one that will leave you pinning for European soujorns and inspiriting family reunions.
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Eastland Shopping Centre
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