30 January 2015


1. Cut-out crop by Topshop
2. Sleeveless jacket by Topshop
3. Broken space box clutch by Lee Savage
4. Striped tapered silk pant by Tibi
5. Transparent gold toe heel by Gianvito Rossi
6. Embellished earrings by Marni
7. Bracelet set (similar here)

The scene: it's your birthday, holla! You're in New York to celebrate, wanting a not-so quiet girls night out and you're more than ready to paint the town red. You'll take a town car downtown to an uber cool Moroccan restaurant where you'll indulge in your favorite North African delicacies. Following that, (copious) drinksies at a rooftop bar two blocks south. The men will be dapper, the chandeliers decadently lavish  and twinkling under the night sky. There will be fresh blooms as far as the eye can see and most importantly the cocktails will be plentiful and continuously overflowing.

Yes it's my birthday today and that means I have officially moved into that oh-so dreaded late twenties age bracket. But between you, me and the world as a whole I will forever be 26 for as long as I can get away with it. And if my wonderful cousin Paul is reading this, don't you go blurting otherwise dammit! I'll keep your secret if you keep mine buddy. I want to send colossal thank you's to all those lovely people who took the time to actually read my previous post Meloncholia. I know it was a long one and I probably sounded like a massive Debbie-Downer. I can't tell you how truly appreciative I am for all those sweet messages and reminders. You guys helped me put things into perspective and boy am I indebted to you. Not just for reading those rambles but for the words of encouragement. So much love for you guys right now.




28 January 2015

Ruby Aldrige photographed by Lina Scheynius for the Novemeber 2012 issue of Vogue Turkey.

This editorial beautifully captures my present state of mind. And that being how I just don't feel like doing much of anything despite being inundated. I'm lethargic, a little under-inspired and a whole lot of overwhelmed. And maybe this listlessness pertains to my birthday which looms a few days away. Or maybe it's just Mercury in retrograde, causing havoc and doping me with some seriously lousy mojo.



19 January 2015

Back in November my girl Gita informed me that I was the lucky winner of the rad 3 Ptice giveaway she'd held over on her blog Odds & Ends. I was pretty chuffed because for one I love this girl, she is so beyond pretty and cool and just plain awesome. And secondly I was overly eager to receive the prize itself. So imagine my surprise when right before Christmas, bam, it arrived and man did it make my day because it was more dope in person than on screen. Suffice to say this made one epic early Christmas gift. 

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