27 November 2011

kurt cobain...

He [Kurt Cobain] talked about how ugly he thought he was all of the time. I remember one day he looked in a mirror and almost shed a few tears because he was so uncomfortable in his own skin. He was really insecure. This photo was one of the only ones he’s ever liked of himself. He told me he liked it because he thought he looked good. Kurt rarely looked at a photo of himself and felt he was attractive. He kept that photo in his wallet for awhile, I think. He was proud of it...
-Krist Novoselic 



  1. So Sad:(
    Poor Kurt!! I think maybe this is one of the reasons I connected so strongly to him and his music. Being uncomfortable in my own skin-I too used to hate to be in photos-I kind of still do-work in progress;) Nirvana was my salvation back in highschool-as it was for many!!
    We Love you Kurt!! You will always be remembered:)!! Thanks for sharing Sonia:)!!

  2. It's so relatable which is why it's so powerful and why his music was adored. I came across this a while ago and I just loved the honesty and vulnerability in it.


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