6 February 2012


Mimco's newly released, Season 1 campaign for 2012 is inspired by the idea of "8 rounds". Undeniably, they've created a truly magical and whimsical campaign. 

"It is said that we need 8 hours of sleep to function properly throughout the day. The precious 8 hours during which we cling to our dreams each night, The lucky number 8 in Chinese numerology, the line of continuity of the number and the duality it presents visually suggesting the shape of an hourglass... The clock starts, Stops, And starts again. 8 in the team. 8 hours of light. 8 surreal locations. 8 unique looks. A pile of eclectic accessories. A chameleon city"

Loving the imagination and creativeness, The different locations and subtly muted colours of dawn and dusk. All of which compliment their collection perfectly.

Shop the range here.


  1. Ohhh, what a beautiful shoot!! I stumbled here from your comment on Tuula... so glad I did!! I make music, design fashion and doodle my art into a little corner of the blogging universe over at my blog :)

    ❤Morgan xx
    Muso & Fashion designer blogging @ MojoMade

  2. There looks are amazing! I love all of the layering and patterns! XOXO hope you follow back! www.trendsneversleep.com


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