21 June 2015


Hasn't the humble eyeglass progressed over the years? From being seen as a, albeit necessary, nerdy faux pas (thanks to Hollywood for their stereotypical portrayals during the 80's and 90's) to a trendy must have accessory. They've truly risen the ranks over the years. The essential piece for optimal vision, no longer frowned upon by the masses but now coveted, even by those whose eyes need not assistance. People today regardless of need or desire sport them with a confident pride, flaunting both prescribed and unprescribed frames like they're in possession of that new Chloe shoulder bag. I myself have been known to don a pair of thick rimmed hipster frames here and there. Sometimes I wonder if those with a genuine need for spectacles frown upon those of us who gasconade with our outrageous faux lenses. Have the roles reversed? Do the once considered "nerds" now poke fun at us hipsters? Regardless of opinion I'll continue to strut my unprescribed pair with poise. One thing that does annoy me is trying to find a quality pair. One that actually lasts longer than a few days of general wear and tear. And I think I found a place. Eyeglass Discounter are a dependable and reliable family business dedicated to providing you with highly effective service. Quality discounter glasses at competitive prices. And with designs ranging from the classically simplistic to quirky, sartorial style pieces there is something for everyone, no matter how good or bad your eyesight may be.

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  1. I have a friend hipster and his eyeglasses are always so funny. But everybody has the right to wear whatever they want. I personally don't have the need to wear eyeglasses and I hope that I won't need it soon. I like the frames of those above. Probably if they were sunglasses, I'd buy a pair.


  2. Love this! Hope you have an awesome new week.

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  3. Oo cool, I am getting new glasses this week this will be perfect.

    Meme xx

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  4. These look really cool! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. Thanks for sharing

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  6. Cute frames.

  7. I know it's silly to wish you had poor vision to justify wearing sweet glasses like this. I love having 20/20 but i would love to rock the sexy librarian look now and then haha


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