11 January 2016


Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen, yourself, right now, right down here on Earth. 
// Bradley Whitford

It's a New Year.

And I trust that you all had a most resplendent Holiday break. I know I did, even if mine was expended to the couch catching up on programs. Hopefully all that indulgent inertia has energised me for the year ahead!

I decided to alter my usual New Year rituals for 2016; one being that I erased the word resolution from my vocabulary, despite being a loyal devotee for some time now. The thing with me is that resolutions almost always fail within the very first few days of a new year. And I think there's some kind of statistics out there that also confirms this is true for many of us. What I struggled to grapple with is why must we leave it for the start of a new year to enforce positive change within us?

Each and every single day is inestimable, something you begin to note more and more as you age. And while the promise of a New Year is an incredibly powerful and wonderful motivator we need to remember that each and every single day can hold such promise if you allow it to.

For me I went into 2016 with hope; hopeful that this year will be an efficaciously positive one. Uber abundant in experiences, laughter and love. Generous in regards to travel and not limited to places I've seen but to dreamy foreign lands, new and exciting adventures. Rich in health and happiness. More living in the present and being present and challenging myself to be better at both being a human and with my passions. To step away from my comfort zone and not permit fear to hold me back. And to simply appreciate and find gratitude in all that surrounds me.

And of course, I wish the very same for you.
May 2016 bring to you your hearts desires,


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  1. Hey Sonia!
    First off, Happy New Year! I was on the couch a lot too, mainly watching every episode of How to Get Away with Murder & My 600-lb life (don't ask, it's a weird addiction). Second, I love these images. You always have great images to accompany your words, so it's no surprise, but I really love the blush & black here.

    Finally, I'm with you on the resolutions bit. I never make them. I agree that we have the power to change within each day, and I also figure if I want to change something about myself I can do it whenever. But I do like the whole concept of giving each year a word, I've seen a lot of people doing that. I thought about it, but couldn't decide on one so I just left it. I did, however, write a note to 2016 which I'm sharing soon, so I guess that can kind of be like my word(s) of the year/hopes/goals/etc. all wrapped into one, you know?


  2. Happy new year dear and may all the desire of your hear be accomplished and multiply in 2016!


  3. I wish you the best in your 2016! Hope is a great thing to fill yourself with this year! And I hope that you are happy!:)

    Shannon Sage

  4. Happy New Year, Sonia!

    The talk of resolutions being redundant have definitely been suffusing the blogosphere, but I've got to be honest and say that I find resolutions more of a symbolic tradition rather than one's desire to change come the appropriate time. There's something poetic, something haunting that comes with New Year's Resolutions.

    I definitely do agree, though, that there are multitudes of opportunities for an individual to change regardless of time and season.

    I'm entering 2016 on a hell-bent quest of which my pursuit of happiness -- cheesy, I know, but real in so many ways -- attaches itself.

    I wish you all the best in the new year!

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin'

  5. Happy New Years to you Sonia!

    I fail my resolutions every year, or succeed in Pyrrhic victory, but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying to be a better person. New Years is a reminder of that, that you can use everyday to be better and do good. That's what the New Year means to me, because I tend to spend it alone on my laptop as I usually do hahaha. Here's to a hopeful 2016, which is all I can wish for the New Year <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

  6. nice post

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  7. Happy new year! :)

    It sounds like you will have a wonderful 3016 if it lives up to your plans and dreams - and I'm sure it will! :)

    I'm terrible with resolutions, so mine are more general 'do more' and 'do less' so I can't really fail! ;)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. Beautiful post Sonia! So inspiring in more ways than one! Happy New Year!!

  9. I understand, dear Coco!!! I preferer dark blue or dark shades in general :P

    Wish all the best in your life in this year! You're a lovely person <3

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  10. Great post dear,
    love it :)

  11. Lovely! Happy 2016!

    Can you give me your opinion about my latest makeup look that I created on my blog ? It would mean a lot! Thank you <3

  12. Happy New Year to you doll may it bring success and great health like how you at looking 2016 with a positive mind.

  13. What a good idea! I should cut a slice from your plans and live more in the current! 2016 here we come! Mrsinlondon.co.uk

  14. Happy new year Sonia, I wish you all the best!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  15. Hi Sonya! Happy New Year, if I haven't already said it! Well, I have also erased the word 'resolution' from my vocabulary. I have never used it though, but seeing everyone's New Year resolution makes me think this is something very prompt right around the new year, which probably scares people, or gives them a temporary motivation boost.

    Sun and Sany - Bulgarian Travel and Leisure Blog

  16. I am not a big resolutions person either. I love the idea of entering the new year with hope and each day being a new beginning.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  17. what fabulous wishes for the new year. may it be your best.

  18. I really love you :) Happy New Year!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)


  19. I really love you :) Happy New Year!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)


  20. great words to inspire and ignite this year!

  21. Happy New year! Hope that all your goals will come true and that you will be very satisfied when you look back in 12 months' time.


  22. That's a great way to start the new year. I'm sure 2016 has a lot of wonderful things in store for you.

  23. Good luck with 2016, may it bring all you could ever want and need.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  24. Your words and beautiful thoughts are wonderfully inspirational, and so are the quotes. I also love the photos.
    Have a fashion-tastic year!


  25. Such a beautiful and inspiring post, Sonia! I wish you a wonderful 2016, may all your hopes and aspirations become a reality for you this year!



  26. Welcome back to the blogsphere, you definitely took a veryyy long break, Sonia! LOL! I am never one who makes resolution because I've always done things whenever I feel like it. However, for this year I am hoping to save more money and try my best to be more present. I am hoping to break my bad habit of being online all the time, whether to check my social medias or email or blog and concentrate on 100% spending time with family.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  27. Beautiful message! I think one should make a change when it feels right, it doesn't have to be with the new year. Love the photos you selected, gorgeous!


  28. Thanks the this post. I wish you a great year

  29. This is amazing Sonia! I can relate with a lot of your resolutions especially traveling more and taking strides away from my comfort zone. Hope your 2016 is off to a great start! :) xo~ Lena

  30. I've omitted the word "resolution" in my vocabulary too! But I love that you have HOPE for better experiences and many more! I think that's more ideal than setting up unrealistic goals! I think a lot of people gave up on New Years Resolutions too-- New Year, New You... NOT! LOL

    Also... YES! I'm definitely clumsy everywhere! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that floats in the same boat as me! I do wish that accidentally cutting yourself while washing dishes won't happen to you! It's not pleasant at all!

    I look forward to more blogs from you :D

  31. I hope it is a magical year for all

  32. I hope you've had a great start to the New Year!!x


  33. I'm obsessing with any glittery right now.
    Love your inspos dear

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  34. I thought new years resolutions were important too, but this year I just decided to do and accomplish what I feel like I needed to do as the year goes on.. I've already hit a road block this early in the year but I'm hoping it won't let me down too much! hope you have a great new year ahead :)

  35. Wish you all the best in 2016! May each day be filled with joy and happiness :)

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  36. Happy 2016! All the best!


  37. Happy 2016 nice post! I wish you a great year. Gemma xx

  38. Happy New Year!
    I hope 2016 will bring all the best for you and you will live it the fullest. I have the same plans and this time instead of waiting for things to happen, I will do the best I can to achieve them.


  39. I've given up on resolutions because everyday I set new goals for myself. If I set a goal that has to span the whole year I'll probably fail. Baby steps in the best approach


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  41. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is amazing and so inspiring
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  42. More hope for 2016 is a great goal, Sonia! For everybody of us since it's the only motivater which keeps us human each and every day alive. I HOPE you always find a reason to smile, sweetheart!! <3 Hugs!

    xoxo Ira

    1. 'motivator' / 'humans'... oh my... ;-DD

  43. This is some really chic inspiration, thanks for sharing!


  44. I have to saY I always love your collages so gorgeous. Yes the new year can be tricky it can bring on mixed feelings of hope and sadness. But yes lets hope 2016 is a more hopeful year.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  45. I hope you do get to travel more Sonia! There's so much to see out there! I love visiting new places...seeing new things...meeting new people. Definitely do it! We should all LIVE through the year! That's why I don't wait for Christmas to give presents. Do it through the year!

  46. Thanks for this positive post. I'm very excited for 2016. I think it will be a wonderful year for all of us.

    Jasmine ♥♥♥
    Jas Claire


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