13 February 2016


The kind folks of Ocean Spray sent me a pack containing their low in sugar fruit drinks (which are only 10 calories per serve!) and the challenge of one week full of healthy swaps I was delighted to participate, especially after making a point to retain a more healthy lifestyle for 2016 and having come back from a recent sojourn to the USA. A trip which saw me indulging a little too much in Mexican food and relying on our rental Jeep for getting from point A to B.

My healthy swaps began with the most obvious; swapping my consumption of fizzy soft drink. Something that has become an irritating habit, seeing me reaching for heavy carbonated drinks over water for hydration. Surprisingly I found this switch to be rather effortless. And while I am an avid lover of anything consisting of cranberry, I am at times doubtful over the actual taste of products that are low in sugar or low in fat. It was always safe to assume that in being slightly more on the healthy side the overall taste and consistency would be compromised. But Ocean Spray have definitely busted that myth for me. Not only are these low sugar fruit drinks versatile and a great ‘swap’ for those unhealthy drinks people consume daily, such as fizzy soda, but they are also incredibly delicious and refreshing (especially when chilled). I didn't detect a note of compromise, only that fruity, tart taste of cranberry that I adore. Making these low sugar fruit drinks a great everyday beverage option for those looking to cut calories but keep taste.

The other swaps I decided to implement was switching from greasy fast food (damn those cravings!) to a healthier and more satisfying alternative like salads. And to swap going for a run from every second (or third) day to daily. Overall switching my soft drink consumption to Ocean Spray's low sugar fruit juice has been the easiest to transition into. My other endeavors not so much, however I am determined to see this through.

I'll keep you posted.


[ The products in this review have been c/o Ocean Spray. Words and opinions expressed above are my own ]


  1. I don't really consume fizzy soft drinks, unless I'm craving for it, but I can't say no to a low sugar drink. Cutting down the sugar really makes a big difference. Hopefully I will be having less greasy food, since summer is getting closer I want to lose some weight :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. Welcome back, Sonia!
    Kudos for rising up to the challenge! I'm a huge fan of Ocean Spray Cranberry. However, I've been skeptical about the low sugar variety. If there's a way to cut down on sugar comfortably, I'm all in. After reading this post, I may just need to give it a try. I like to add cranberry juice to my smoothies. I'll try it there first, lol...

    Good luck with your other swaps. I've been trying to add walking from a twice a week "chore" to a daily endeavor but so far I keep using the excuse it's too cold outside:)

    Thanks for sharing, Sonia...

  3. Thanks for sharing! It's not easy to find low sugar juices. Looking forward to your nexts posts.

    Jasmine ♥♥♥
    Jas Claire

  4. I love your post! Thanks for sharing! Come and check out my blog! I would love if you could support and follow my blog, I'll return the support & follow! :)
    xx Mai


  5. Sounds like a good brand. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.


  6. that's a really cool thing ! specially for me cause I love to drink and that's where most of the calories I consomme comes from :)


  7. Loved this!


  8. I wish I had the will power to cut out soft drinks from my diet. I am actually the worst when it comes to soft drinks - I really should make it a resolution to cut it out!

    Great post though honey xx

    Sending you love from Sydney xx

    I've recently redesigned my site and posted on my collaboration with The Woolmark Company for Chinese New Year and would love to hear your thoughts!!


  9. This sounds amazing. Both my grandparents works in the local headquarters of Coca-Cola in my country and so did my father but I NEVER LIKE drinking softdrinks. I love drinking juices like this with low sugar. Kinda ironic right? :D


  10. Love this kind of healthy drinks and I like cranberries taste:)


  11. I used to drink the full version when I lived in the UK. It had a very nice taste!


  12. Sonia...I used to drink soda on a daily basis with dinner. It's seriously the worst habit and one that's extremely hard to break! I've been transitioning to fruit juices which are still high in sugar, but at least a little healthier (I hope lol). I like that this one is low sugar and will definitely give it a try. :)


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