2 August 2016


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I don't know where time goes or why he decides to become foe as one ages. I truly can not believe that we're already into August. And with that, mere months until the end of the year. Of course for myself another birthday looms with the promise of being yet another disappointing notch upon ones belt. Soon enough Christmas themed paraphernalia will line the shelves of department stores and shops alike. Glittering tinsel and jolly fat men no longer bringing good tidings but moments of foreboding and great trepidation. Why has time itself come to bring the worst in me?

More so, why is it that I no longer revel in anticipation but dread its mere existence? Is it the overwhelming sense of FOMO or something far more sinister perhaps?

These days I can't seem to keep up, or perhaps it's sheer lack of motivation on my part? A sense of overall dejection with my ambitions? I'm full of ideas however, my notebooks and technologic companions are brimming with metaphoric liquid gold and yet I can't seem to find the energy or space to put anything into practice. Like (what I believe to be) a resounding idea for novel, one that feels really, really good. Or the fact that six months on I am still only just completing my travels from the start of the year. One more post to go actually, which is rather embarrassing on my part, something which has become overly prolonged and somewhat unnecessary now. Something which hadn't even occurred to me until my last post centred on the Grand Canyon (familiarise yourself with it here) where I noticed many people commenting about the snow; the majority perplexed by the thought that there was snow lingering about at the Grand Canyon in July.

It's a shame really because I've come to quite enjoy writing and sharing such sojourns.

I also feel like a terrible blogger these days, mostly because I feel as though I'm letting down other amazing bloggers who have been so generously supportive of myself. Their continual patronage, the visits, comments and likes are such a comfort but they also make me note just how noticeably absent I've become on all counts. I've tried to schedule and plan ahead but such undertakings are futile. Is there something in the water because I've noticed a few other creatives sharing the same sentiments. My workload has not increased and yet I feel more exhausted than ever. I was once more than able to multitask and work throughout the day and night, but the last few weeks I've only been able focus on the one project, if that. Two weeks ago I was on a proverbial roll with Instagram, but alas that didn't last long and I'm back to being notoriously absent. The same goes with Snapchat, though in my defence I've hardly done much to document of late.

Am I simply getting older and unable to maintain the kind of schedule I became accustomed to? Or is that my love for blogging perhaps is simply withering away? I like to start the month with a musings or introspection type of post but I feel as though I'm constantly singing the same tune. This is a personal life and style blog so such thoughts are permitted after all. But why no one is yet to hand me the world's smallest violin to play my woes upon is beyond me. And while I am yet to find an antidote to my management headaches I did find this post from The Nerdy Me to be rather helpful in getting me back on track again. Also this graphic from Cocorrina is a charming reminder to "just chill" and let it be for now.

Because that's about as much as I can/am willing do for now.


  1. It's totally okay to do things at your own pace! Time is just a social construct after all. I just finished my blog posts about last summer at the beginning of this summer :P You got this girl! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Hope motivation and inspiration finds you xoxo

  3. It's your blog so take as long as you want to share about, and make as many posts as you want to share about your travels :)

    I think blogs are best when you don't feel forced to produce something - let it go and take things as they come. If it's not fun it's a pretty tedious task!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. I totally know what you meant and I'm definitely all for going at your own pace! I think you'll enjoy blogging more that way!


  5. I feel like I can relate to your sentiments. It really comes in a year somehow. That dreading of birthdays and Christmas. I think it's part of "adulting".

  6. I know this state to much, recently I have no enough energy to embody my ideas.
    I hope you will be full of motivation soon:)


  7. I believe so many bloggers go through this I been tired but its due to my travel for work. Its hard to keep up with all the media, blog and personal life it takes devotion and when we lose that its hard. I hope you find what makes you want to be here the writing, the creativity or the communication with other bloggers.

  8. Very nice blog.

  9. I totally understand your woes! We all try to do too much. We need to slow down and concentrate on one thing at a time. Such a well written post dear. Love your musings


  10. Only do anything as long as you enjoy it, do going at your own pace is sometimes a def must do!


  11. Hope you'll get back your inspo soon! Love the Tequila quote btw, haha have it saved somewhere! Xx


  12. It might be just a phase. I had a dry period some time ago! You will get your drive soon! Just relax!
    Dora www.BangsBang.com

  13. Sonia, I feel exactly like you do! I have all these ideas & things I want to do, but I don't have the energy. LOL Trying to complete my house! The year has flown by! I haven't been able to keep up this year. That's why I've slowed down my blog for right now. Sometimes you just need a break to regroup. Some like to throw anything together. Not me. I care what I post. And I know you do too.

  14. Amazing post, Darling! Love this! Thanks for sharing!
    much love, Len

  15. So inspired! Love pink!

  16. Keep doing what you do best. Let nothing hold you back!


  17. Our biggest issue in society is we all worry about time. Not having enough of it to do things and so much more. What you need to know is you have time to make something lovely. Keep doing that because I love your posts and I really enjoying seeing what you will write next. Have a great week :) http://www.bauchlefashion.com

  18. I really feel your pain, of worry, of aging, etc. But never forget to take care of yourself, first! It sounds like you're just in a slump. Everyone goes through this. Stay positive! Age is just a number, Sonia!! And smile!

    Luci’s Morsels | fashion. food. frivolity.

  19. We all have our ups and downs and it's completely normal to feel less enthusiastic about something you used to be excited about. This too shall pass :)

    Bella Pummarola

  20. I just want you to know that you're not alone feeling this way, Sonia...I have been in the same boat as you too. S much to write and do but I lack the motivation to carry it out. And the question of what I'm really getting out of blogging has been persistently present in my mind for the past month. I don't know why, maybe it's something in the air but hopefully the long blogging break that I will take in August will help.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  21. This was such an interesting post to read Sonia, I really do feel for you because I can imagine how things may seem from your perspective. However... pretty, pretty please believe me when I say that you're a brilliant blogger, you're not letting anyone down and everything is just fine, fine, fine. Someone once said to me, ''It's okay to get off the train and walk for a while until you're ready to get back on'' - keep that in mind :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  22. I totally hear you about getting tired/disillusioned with blogging- I get that way, too! It's A LOT of work to turn it into something, that's for sure.

    I think I need that tequila sign displayed somewhere in my house. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  23. I know how you are feeling and believe me, probably many other people have been on the same situation. I am feeling the same way at the moment and it feels like I have no energy for anything. Catching up with things never been that hard and I wonder what I am doing wrong. Also when summer is here, it is hard to focus on. How about taking short break? It always works to make your mind up and also helps you feel motivated, it is one of the things that works for me. x

    Ela BellaWorld

  24. Nice post!!!!

  25. It's totally natural to get into a funk. I was also able to multitask a lot better previously. But I also have a lot more things competing for my attention these days. Sometimes we can't just force inspiration and just have to let it flow I guess. i do hope you continue to blog though because I love coming by!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  26. Aw hun, I think you're being way too hard on yourself! <3 It's okay to not always have the time or the motivation to blog, honestly it happens to all of us. Just take it easy, your blog is amazing and so are you, and people aren't just going to forget about it. :) Sometimes it's good to slow down, take a break and come back with renewed energy! Also, I would absolutely love to read your novel, if you wrote one! I bet it would be amazing, your writing style is so beautiful!! <3


  27. I loved this post, dear.
    Yes, time flies and sometimes it s difficult doing everything we would. Maybe you just need to switch off everything for a while! I can't blog as much as before since I started working full time, so I opted for less posts, with no regrets. Because we started blogging for ouselves, before anything else :)
    Crossing fingers for you! Happy Sunday!
    xx Elisa
    Francine's Place | Diy & Lifestyle Blog

  28. I think we have learnt to believe that the passing of time is a scary concept, but inevitably we have to accept it and try to live as fully as possible.

    My Little Online Space

  29. Don't worry , this is just a bad period - without inspiration, motivation and time for blog. It will pass and everything will be ok again ;)


  30. I think we all need to learn not to put too much pressure on ourselves when it comes to blogging - it does take so much time and energy and its ok to take a break every now and again and come back with renewed passion and enthusiasm!

    Emma | http://www.fluffandfripperies.com

  31. Argh, my comment was eaten, so in essence, I say do what you want. And that seems to be right for you!

  32. I can completely relate - being in a funk about your time, your schedule, your commitments - it happens to all of us. I hope you find your motivation and solace <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  33. Hi Sonia, I can relate to what you're saying. I am even considering deleting my blog and just be active on Instagram and Twitter... But before I take any irreversible decision, I will wait and see for a bit. Hopefully my inspiration will return when I'm travelling to Switzerland this weekend... Let's see. Stay strong and please keep blogging!!!


  34. Just take your time and keep up blogging and if you receive my mail, just post it here as comment lol.

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  35. I totally feel you. I can relate! It seems like I'm also neglecting my blog because I am always so busy with my job. But I guess, we just have to learn how to manage everything to keep up with our hobbies and life. hehe. Good luck and don't pressure yourself! :)

    xoxo, rae

  36. Great post dear!

    I just started my new blog, hope you like it!

  37. I can understand how you feel about letting down people who read your blog. I go through phases of that too but I think quality over quantity matters every time :)


  38. No need to feel guilty, you don't owe anyone anything. Blogging is a means of expression not something to be forced so do as you feel

  39. Hi love! I hope all is well. Your post is very insightful and relatable; as of late I've been MIA in the blogging world for various reasons -- managing work/life balance and just not inspired to write. I hope you know you're not alone babe, that though you think your posts are less consistent, your quality posts still stand out amongst the mass. So keep it up babe! :) Xo~ Lena

  40. Cool Blog Gurl!I love it!


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