17 March 2017


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Love them or hate them, the humble beard is back and here to stay.

And while popularity may waver from time to time the beard is an indisputable reference for masculinity. So to dub such natural human tendencies as a simple trend simply does not suffice, for such facial hair statements have been long pronounced, since the dawn of time in fact. From obvious utilisation for warmth during the cold to firm declarations of strength and valor when confronted by foreign males during prehistoric times to notorious signs of honour in the Middle Ages. The beard itself has an illustrious and very much remarkable tale that spans throughout history and through countless tales and fables.

"the only reason to shave your beard is for the joy of growing it again
// bryan lilly 

While the beard may not be beneficial for survival in todays modern era nor be the instigator to pointless duals over physical contact with anothers prized lock of hair, a beard is still rather notable in todays society. Made infamous by President Abraham Lincoln and once again by hipsters worldwide. And with the rapid hike of such popularity so comes with it the rise of specialised grooming like all natural beard oil and organic beard balm. Something which our male ancestors would have no doubt sold their souls for back in ancient times. Something which may surprise some to learn. Beard grooming has long been the standard for males; not exclusive to modern times. Like prehistoric man who had fashioned tweezers from shells and bones. The upkeep of ones beard has and will always remain with regard and importance. Of course these days with much more effortlessness and ease. Like the cool kids at LovelyBeards.com who specialise in the upkeep and health of beards everywhere with their balms and oils perfect for every shape, style and size. 
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[ This has been a sponsored post for Lovely Beards. Opinions and words expressed have been written by myself and are my own ]

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  1. I honestly think beards are here to stay forever. I'm not a big fan of it myself when it comes to my hubby, but I do think there are many guys who really look good with one:)

  2. I'm not a fan of man with beard; prefer the clean-cut look. But I don't deny some guys look great with beard....... xoxo


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