1 December 2017


If you’re a fan of travel, then you might have visited a fair few islands in your time. However, there are a few islands that really can’t be missed on your travels. These islands are uniquely beautiful, offer amazing foods, and have a whole host of wonderful creatures for you to catch a glimpse of. You only live once, so be sure to visit these islands before you die.


If you visit The Maldives, you will instantly become the envy of all of your friends, especially those that follow you on Instagram. If you’re a fan of warm weather and sun, then The Maldives is perfect, as it’s constantly between 25℃ and 30℃. You can stay in one of the luxurious overwater bungalows, and spend your free time diving and snorkelling to look at the beautiful underwater creatures.


Shopping is amazing in Bali; You can find anything from handmade souvenirs to high-end designer clothing. There is also a range of delicious foods to enjoy, so you will never have to eat the same dish twice. Balinese people are also incredibly friendly, unlike the locals in some other popular tourist destinations, and are happy to help you out, and share with you their history and culture.


Most of the islands on this list have crystal clear waters and wonderful weather, and the Bahamian island of Exumas is no exception. What is exceptional about Exumas is the uniqueness of some of its inhabitants. It may sound crazy, but Exumas is home to swimming pigs (yes, you read correctly). You can go and look at these pigs, and even have a quick paddle with them.


There are two things that this Australian island is famous for; Lakes and Dingoes. Fraser Island has over 100 lakes, 40 of which are made up purely of rainwater, which may sound disgusting, but I assure you, they are absolutely beautiful, and crystal clear. There are also around thirty packs of Dingoes calling Fraser Island home, so if you booked one of the Fraser Island tours, you’re sure to spot one or two.


Considering how beautiful and luxurious this beautiful island is, it’s a great option for a budget holiday. It may be surprising, but you can actually find hostels for as little as £5 a night, and the street food is both budget-friendly and absolutely delicious. The sunsets are also absolutely wonderful, and like with Bali, the locals are sincere and friendly.


If you want to holiday during the winter months, then Maui is the place for you. During the winter, the waters around Maui become filled to the brim with humpback whales, so there’s a very high chance that you will be able to spot a few. The beaches of Maui are also magnificent all year round, and considering the sand comes in black, white, and red, no two pictures will look the same.

There are so many amazing islands in the world, but these ones are truly magnificent, and definitely shouldn’t be missed.

[ This has been a collaborative post. All thoughts and opinions expressed above are not my own ]

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  1. Oh wow Sonia, all of these islands are just perfect and all are on my bucket list! Must see!
    thank you again for sharing with us!
    Best greetings and have a good weekend, Eva

  2. All these places look stunning! I would love to visit the Maldives and will be visiting Bali next year! :)

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  3. A blog buddy of mine went to the Maldives. It looked exquisite!


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