Daring Coco is a life and style blog founded and curated by Sonia De Macedo. It contains writings and musings on various topics ranging from personal style, design, food and travel. The girl behind the blog hails from Melbourne, Australia and is an avid dreamer and compulsive cloud watcher. She is a writer slash creative type and the metaphoric love child of Debbie Harry and Stevie Nicks. She is a lover of stories and words, especially the printed kind and dreams of having hers published in the near future. She is an amateur, self-taught photographer with a kooky typography obsession. She describes her own style as a fusion of British punk, rock 'n' roll and minimal bohemia. She has always used fashion as a creative outlet for expressing her own being and uniqueness. Her style icons include Ms Moss, Victoria Beckham, the Olsen Twins and Nicole Ritchie. Travel is fundamental to her existence (and sanity) and is something she is fervently passionate about. In fact she'd be more than content in making a career out wayfaring about the globe.

To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the inner music that words make // Truman Capote

So, why Daring Coco? Contrary to belief, the name itself a contradiction with zero relation to its founder. It was coined in reference to her adored fur-baby Chanel. A petite sized ball of gossamer euphoria. Despite appearances, daring she is not. Boisterous most certainly but not daring. It is one of the many quirky personality traits she reveres about her fur-child. Though Miss Coco rarely makes an appearance on the blog, she can occasionally be found over on Instagram.

To discover even more about me check out the "And that's how I am" post created a while back.

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