baking with love…

I’ve spent the majority of the day today baking these Strawberry Cheesecake muffins, and am so proud with how they turned out! 

Let me start by stating that I’m one of those people who like to cook, but dislike the cleaning part after it and I hate to admit it but I’m probably the messiest person in the kitchen too. I almost always end up using every single spoon and utensil available to me (hence the cleanup!). And I am also one of those cooks whose creation is either delicious, five-star, chef worthy quality or bland and not fit for consuming! But since these are actually for a friend of mine I’m seeing later on the day who isn’t feeling too well I wanted to avert any possible disasters! 

So I ended putting all my love and energy into these lovlies. I made sure I had good quality ingredients, the measurements where spot on, the consistency was perfect and I painfully spent quite a while measuring and perfecting the quantity of batter per case! I even splashed out and got some fancy decorations to adorn them with after and you know what they turned out amazing! Feeling very proud of my lovlies and after sampling one and getting my mother’s approval; SUCCESS! They are not only edible and delicious but they look great too! Yay!

Take a look and tell me what you think!

Am also sending virtual hugs, kisses and well wishes for the time being since I know she’ll be on my site now since she’s religiously views it daily! (I have the most amazing and supporting friends – love you all xoxo )

sonia // daring coco

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