La Dame De Fer (The Iron Lady)

Isn’t there something special and inspiring about this image? (Apart from the obvious urge one gets to to make their way immediately to the airport!) It’s utterly romantic and whimsical with all those cute pink balloons floating in the air and it brings back fond memories of when I first travelled to Paris.

What was once considered to be an eyesore is now classed as a work of art. For me, I love how it stands tall and proud in the Champ De Mars, it has the best view’s of the city itself and to come into it’s presence is truly magical. Which gets me thinking. What is more iconic then the glorious Eiffel Tower? Seriously? Think of Paris, romance or even food and I guarantee this little beauty will pop into your head. It is constantly featured in films, photography and even inspires fashion designers such as the late Alexander McQueen. It’s virtually on most people’s bucket list and almost always one of the first things you do when you get to Paris itself.

sonia // daring coco

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