Helen sneaker by Jack Purcell for Converse

Well, after an unfortunate accident with my Isabel Marant’s (which I do not care to elaborate!) I’m in much need of some new kicks and these glittery goodness’ are exactly what I need for the upcoming Australian summer! I have not owned a pair of converse for some time now and to be perfectly honest I didn’t even own a pair of sneakers (apart from my workout pair) for over five years! I only brought my Isabel Marant’s back in September and became instantly converted once again! 

So it’s been kind of weird journey searching for a pair. I’ve spent numerous unsuccessful hours at many shopping centres and high streets here in Melbourne and haven’t really taken a liking to anything as yet. But alas, the internet to the rescue! I was doing my usual spot of online shopping at Net-A-Porter and came across these bad boys! So, will await the delivery van to show up at my door, and, fingers crossed these are exactly what I need… … …

Love always,

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