The great Jeggings debate…

Jeggings, to wear or not to wear? Lately it’s all I’ve been hearing about and it seems everyone has an opinion and feels the need to share their two cents, and well, they’re entitled to it too, so I thought I would share mine also seeing as this is my blog. I feel like all you hear about them are bad jokes and fashion faux pas and yet the majority of us completely disagree! We love our jeggings!

Just like the skinny jean over time you come to embrace and love them and jeggings are no exception. And just like the skinny jean once you learn how to style them they’re your new bff. They are undoubtedly comfortable, versatile and a real staple piece to invest in. But the main point being they are comfortable and flatter even a curvy girl (that is when you invest in a decent pair) so why the need for all the negative press? Celebrities like Beyonce, Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian (to name a few) have been photographed wearing them even Lil Wayne caused a ‘media sensation’ when he appeared recently on the VMA’s wearing a pair of ladies (yes, ladies) Tripp NYC jeggings which begs the question why so much negativity? My guess is they’ve never had the pleasure of wearing them.

Well I guess for now I look forward to seeing whether or not Lil Wayne’s recent fashion statement will indeed start a trend among males wearing ladies jeggings… Stranger things have happened…



Left – Right: J Brand 901 Jegging ‘Jeans’, Acne highrise Jegging ‘Jean’, Ksubi skinny pins Jegging ‘Jean’

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