Well back to reality and the start of 2012! How did you guys spend the last night of 2011? I spent mine glamping in Walhalla Victoria.

If your not sure what glamping is, well its simply camping but a little more luxurious. We still slept in tents and had to rough it out a little but had the little conveniences of an outdoor toilet, (absolutely necessary if you ask me!) air mattresses and a solar shower! Now before some of you judge us we did still rough it out a bit too. We didn’t have electricity, phone service nor internet and yes our tents where slightly larger than the standard grey domed tents you find everywhere but we still kept it a little old school!

We glamped in Walhalla, Victoria an extremely small and historic town north of Moe and was very recently only equipped with electricity back in 1998. It’s a pretty remote but beautiful rural area and our campsite reflected that being only accessible via a four wheel drive track and nestled away hillside just above a calm creek. Aside from the icky Australian heat and dust we all had a great time finding ways to amuse ourselves as well as enjoying a glass of vino or two!

I’m not usually one for ‘roughing’ it out and have really only been camping three times in my whole life and all not being very successful, but I thought I would give it a go, do something different and challenge myself. It was great, even if the flies where overbearing at times. I had a absolute blast and made some new friends too while bringing in the New Year!

Here’s a few of my favourite snaps taken by me; enjoy!

I may just be the only person who takes Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs camping!

Finally hitting the road

 Quick shot of myself wearing my vintage sunnies

Love this taken while on the road. I feel like I’m looking at a mid western photo which, in turn, gives me travel pangs to the US!

On location

The one way trail in and out of our site

One of the few attractions to see in Wahalla, the station

Leaving for home

Wearing: Witchery maxi dress, Tiffany & Co bracelet and earrings, Micheal Kors rose gold oversized watch and vintage sunnies from the Camberwell market

My Michael Kors oversized watch and Tiffany & Co heart bracelet. I have to admit I did take them off for most of the time!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2012,


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