design dossier // a townhouse in manhattan

townhouse in manhattan

a townhouse in manhattan

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a townhouse in manhattan

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a townhouse in manhattan

An exclusive and wonderful sneak-peek from Vogue inside shoe designer Tabitha Simmons resplendent townhouse in Manhattan. A most whimsical interior blurring the lines of minimal with fantasy. Crisp tones of white with Art Deco and French Provincial inspired curiosities all noted sporadically within the furnishings. It’s not the type of interior style one one normally associate with the Big Apple. It is somewhat dreamlike yet very much refined and sophisticated. The florals encased in protective cloche’s give new meaning to flower arrangements for me. It is such a tasteful and resplendently eccentric way to display blooms, be it fresh or faux. Though not quite having purveyed any form of a green thumb myself, the former I am unsure if such things are indeed possible. Enlighten me below if you do know.

I could spend all day swooning over the unique and luminous interior design style in this townhouse in Manhattan. I could continue to daydream of cloche’s holding curious curiosities and walls adorned with whimsical Fornasetti plates. But I must admit that my absolute favourite part of this townhouse in Manhattan is the undeniably chic outdoor areas. Holding such a strong presence of calmness and serenity nestled within a city that is anything but. The epitome of an oasis nestled in a concrete jungle, the country manor vibes effortlessly transporting you out of the city and into a landscape of lush prairies.

And how about that clawfoot bath tub overflowing with endless designer shoes? Sign me up any day. On a serious note, when I was younger I always dreamed of owning slash renovating an older style California bungalow. Reserving one room for a decadent and luxurious bathroom wherein a massive clawfoot bath tub would take centre stage by the fireplace. Such ambitions have been lost over time however this townhouse in Manhattan has certainly spiked such desires yet again.

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