My name is Sonia De Macedo and I’m a Le-Tan-aholic!

Ok to say I’m obsessed with Olympia Le-Tan’s dust jacket inspired clutches is a sever understatement! These exquisite, artisan classics are all (painstakingly) handmade and very much coveted. These bad boys have even made several appearances on the red carpet too. Inspired by some of the greatest novels ever written they are nostalgic and gloriously whimsical pieces and the genius amount of work gone into each design is evident.

So why do I not own one you ask? Well I ask myself that same question daily, besides being almost always sold out, the price tag is not exactly ‘Sonia friendly’ right now. But, alas one day soon ‘The Great Gatsby’ will be in my hot little hands and you guys will be the first to know, actually, with my levels of excitement the whole world probably will be…

Will try to restrain myself,

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

metaphoric love child of debbie harry and stevie nicks. weaver of words. infatuated with shoes.

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