la dolce vita

“when in italy, do as the italians do and make some white noise in the name of style”
// la dolce vita

Mariana Braga is photographed by Steven Chee and styled by Marina Didovich for the summer issue of Fashion Quarterly New Zealand.

Move over my profound American travel pangs and hello to Amalfi Coast urges! This editorial by Fashion Quarterly has brilliantly utilised that sumptuous Amalfi coastline as subtle backdrop for their spread. That, paired with the delicately bespoke resort wear selection, is enough to make anyone pine for that infamous Italian ‘La Dolce Vita.’ Dainty white lace paired with cerulean, crystal-clear waters are inevitably a match made in heaven. But who honestly knew that simply posing beside a humble donkey could be ever so chic? It must be Mariana Braga or maybe even the Amalfi Coast type thing. Because I know somewhere, deep inside my mother’s photo album collection lies numerous photos of myself also photographed beside a donkey or two during our family vacations to the motherland. And I can assure you they are nowhere near as chic nor cute as this “La Dolce Vita” inspired editorial.

Aside from that iconically picturesque setting, devastatingly dazzling white lace also takes centre stage. Adding further romance to this ever opulent and recognisable setting. Of late I have been obsessing over Lover’s lace serpent dress, and this editorial has added even more fuel to such sartorial desires. So much so, that I find myself annoyingly tempted to poorly attempt to photoshop my own face into said image above. And all in a poor attempt as I desperately await for one to magically become available in my size.


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