les années gitanes

les années gitanesles années gitanes

les années gitanesles années gitanesles années gitanesles années gitanesles années gitanesles années gitanes

les années gitanes

Julia Frauche and Ruby Aldridge photographed by Kai Z Feng and styled by fashion editor Naomi Smith for the April 2012 issue of Vogue Australia.

I finally managed to pursue the new issue of Vogue Australia over the weekend, and have to say I took an instant liking to this months editorial, les années gitanes. Decadently luxe bohemian styling paired with the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino (just to name a few), to create a fun loving bohemian meets wild, wild west shoot. I just adore how perfectly captured the embodiment and playfulness and sense of abandon that a true free spirit has about them. The clothing chosen for this shoot is beyond perfection. And I believe this spread has undeniably hit the luxe factor with full force. Making quite the compelling case for les années gitanes. Bring on those gypsy days.

My favorite shot from this shoot is definitely (the second last) close up of Ruby Aldridge blowing a kiss. This image is wonderfully youthful and beyond words. Also her metallic golden eye make-up is something to be coveted. And at times like these, make me wish I had more of a deft hand when it comes to blending eyeshadows on my own creases. I also find myself swooning over that leopard print Roberto Cavalli long sleeved dress. Oh how my heart longs for this dress. I can already envision copious places to don this to. And while the day is still young, excuse me while I wander away from my screen and fantasise myself traipsing through glorious New York City.

This dress was made for (daydreaming) walking. So do not disturb for the next few hours please.


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