You may or may not have seen this video making the rounds around Facebook, Twitter and so many other social media outlets. If you have not already watched this then please seriously take the time to view it ASAP. 

So who and what is Kony? Well he is the leader of the LRA a group whom recruits young children as soldiers. The boys are used as soldiers. Their first task is murdering their own parents and the girls are recruited as sex slaves. Got your attention now? It’s only 30 minutes and all it asks is for you to share this in hopes of bringing some much needed awareness to a person who needs to be made known and accountable for his appalling actions. We must make Joseph Kony famous – not for Hollywood nor glamourous reasons but to simply bring awareness to a truly horrific and despicable man of epic proportions. 

There is still so much suffering and injustice happening in Africa and though he is one of many other cruel criminals lurking out there, if we can bring even more awareness to his imminent capture it’s very well a start in making a difference over there and if all you do is share this on your Facebook or other social media accounts chances are you will catch other people’s attention and those people may very well make a stand and participate too. To get involved just watch the video and share it! If you want to do more sign up at and you could even ‘like’ the brains behind this non-profit organisation Invisible Children.

So will you make Kony famous?

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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