1. Two tone platform heels from Zara

2. A Song For The Brave neckpiece by Sass & Bide

3. I Think I Can poncho by Sass & Bide

4. The Heraldic One cuff by Sass & Bide

6. Rebel Yell leather look shorts by Stylestalker

7. Lip Service bag by Sass & Bide

So much Sass & Bide loving for me lately and honestly who doesn’t appreciate the tremendous work and design that the fabulous Sarah-Jane Clark and Heidi Middleton create. And since the end of another month is fast approaching and with that Coachella seemingly creeping closer and closer (and FYI peeps, no I am not going… sad face, very, very sad face). In the spirit of this gloriously coveted festival I found myself searching for my ultimate festival outfit and in doing so found myself scrolling through Sass & Bide‘s gorgeous site and couldn’t help myself (once again) adding even more pieces to my already overflowing wishlist. I’m just loving the poncho and Stylestalker’s coveted ‘Rebel Yell’ leather look shorts but most of all I absolutely need that fierce neckpiece with an equally fierce name! Urgh, just soooo much love for it! And who knows, maybe, miraculously the Gods will take favour upon me and grant me tickets to Coachella with VIP access and stuff, and an airfare, on business class, with private car, and accommodation.

Stranger things have happened you know.

 And by the way, sorry for the MIA lately, been super busy working on a couple of
projects this past week, so posting has been a little scarce though have
made an extra effort to check what y’all are saying, and was just blown
away to discover I had over 100 followers! So much awesomeness guys,
thank you sooo much for your love! 

You guys seriously rock. I love you

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