Coachella Calling

coachella callingcoachella calling

coachella callingcoachella callingcoachella calling

coachella callingcoachella calling

coachella calling

coachella callingcoachella callingcoachella callingcoachella callingcoachella calling

I feel like it is simply another day down and yet another day for me to voice my annoyance and regret in being unable to attend one of the greatest and most iconic music festivals of our generation, Coachella. Apologies in advance lovers, for I must sound like an irritating broken record of late. But alas a gargantuan ocean and miles upon miles of land won’t stop me from daydreaming and envisioning myself carousing out in the desert sands. All playfulness aside I actually do have a handful of friends and acquaintances that are there amusing themselves whilst feasting upon a glorious music line up. All the while soaking up that resplendent Californian sunshine. This lookbook by LF Stores is exactly how I imagine they’ve been spending the past few days prior to Coachella in Palm Springs.

Just imagine waking up to endless blue skies peeking over a rocky and mountainous landscape. With palm trees as far as the eye can see and savoury breakfasts in bed followed by lazy mornings by the pool. Boozy late lunches followed by walks through iconically infamous neighbourhoods teeming with mid-century marvels and spontaneous trips to the drug store to stock up on pastel hair dye.

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