Images via: Free People

Jacquelyn Jablonski, Hailey Clauson, Luisa Bianchin and Kate Harrison photographed by Thomas Northcut for the April 2012 catalog for Free People.

Evoking summer lust and adventure the team head to the desert and in the spirit of Coachella to create a beautiful, festival inspired lookbook. For all you Northern Hemisphere peeps this is surly going to get you excited for your upcoming summer season, and well for the rest of us this has definitely kept us reeling for the warmer months, and if your in Australia, the lack of a warm summer past (which was delightfully pleasant for myself!) I do have to admit I get slightly jealous of this gorgeous catalog, as I browse through each sumptuously carefree photo my mind wanders and creates it’s own Coachella adventure in these outfits! But one things for sure I definitely foresee myself shopping up a storm, first up those heavenly crochet foot ties. Hello Lover!

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sonia // daring coco

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