style notes // i’m so rock ‘n’ roll right now

i'm so rock 'n' roll right now

// clockwise
Britannia clutch by Alexander McQueen
Leather trimmed twill jacket by Michelle Mason
I’m so rock n’ roll right now by Zoe Karssen
Metal toe capped heel by Zara
Portobello leather short by Rag & Bone
Chronograph watch by Michael Kors

It feels like I’ve gotten my mojo back and am ready for a BIG weekend. I’m definitely feeling those I’m so rock ‘n’ roll right now vibes. I have also been a busy little bee and racking up a storm online. And yes I know what you’re thinking, I am still feeling slightly lethargic and opted to do my shopping online rather than drag my sorry behind to the shopping centre. Because convenience is key after all and I honestly prefer to shop online these days as opposed to going into a store. The ease of finding what you’re after with the click of a button is bound to convert even the most resistant to online shopping.

While I await my order to be delivered, I compiled a selection of what my dream outfit for a typical Saturday night would entail. I just adore this Zoe Krassen rocker tee, which is what inspired this style edit in the first place. I’m so rock ‘n’ roll right now. After all, what is not to love about this phrase? I am also lusting over those Zara toe capped heels, and yet, I also find myself rather undecided about them. Mainly because I am contemplating between this pair from Zara or splurging on a similar pair by Stuart Weitzman. And then of course I am partial to a cute pair of leather shorts, and that blazer has my name written all over it.

Squint harder, I promise you’ll see it.

Rock on,

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