Lately I’ve feel like my wanderer soul has been completely suffocating me with wanderlust pangs. My desire to globe trot has definitely gotten the best of me making it difficult to resume mundane daily obligations, though a countdown is in place for my next adventure it does not somewhat suffice. In an effort to tame this I thought I would finally share with you some of my personal travels, starting off with the one and only, Paris.

This was my very first trip to Paris which was around two – three years ago and I found myself completely enthralled by it’s old world limestone architecture and cafe culture. A bustling city where gallivanting on a bike is deemed chic and driving on non-lined roads is the norm, beautifully friendly faces and sumptuous macaroons from Laduree have forever laced my mind with it’s quaint charm and hospitality.

Obviously this is only a tiny snippet of my collection, I tend to be a compulsive and obsessive photographer, constantly taking photos like it’s the air I breathe, so rather than flood your screens with countless architectural and floral shots I shortlisted my favorites for you. Hope you enjoyed them!

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sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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