Images via: La Vie en Pose

Astrid Munoz photographed by Ruven Afanador for the May 2000 issue of Elle USA.

For as long as I can remember I have held onto an enduring desire to trek and journey deep into the illustrious Andes mountains in search of the splendor that is Machu Picchu. It was the enigmatic stone structures secretively seated on incredibly imposing peaks that first could my attention when I was much younger – the majestic mystery of such a place easily shrouding the stone masonry and capturing my interest almost immediately. To say this is on my bucklist would not do it justice, and is quite frankly a gross understatement! This is a MUST for me to not only experience once in my lifetime but several times – making the arduous seven day journey on foot time and time again to experience one of the seven wonders of the world and to simply marvel in all it’s ambiguity.

I can’t even begin to express my delight over such an incredible editorial find on the world wide web – an oldie but a definite goodie to say the least with looks ranging from Emporio Armani, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen. These images are now ‘pinned’ proudly onto my inspiration board and I am seriously contemplating possibly framing each one since the luminosity in the storyline is utter perfection in my eyes.

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