l’amor parisienne

L'amor Parisienne

stylestalker parisienne lookbookstylestalker parisienne lookbook

L'amor Parisienne

stylestalker parisienne lookbook

L'amor Parisiennestylestalker parisienne lookbook

L'amor ParisienneL'amor Parisienne

stylestalker parisienne lookbook

L’amor Parisienne; the essence of such a phrase inspired such a resplendent collection. One teeming with classically luxurious pieces, all influenced and seemingly drawn from the City of Light itself. Stylestalker’s latest clothing collection lookbook is deliciously decadent with reinvented stripes and modernised tailoring and draping. A real tantalising array of textures and silhouettes, with each piece overflowing with a little bit of attitude and that je ne sei quais we’ve come to expect and love from this label. One could even go as far as to say it is the embodiment of the luxury and influence seen on the street style scene. At least the kind I certainly would aspire for in my own personal creations and musings. Because for me, the Eiffel Tower will forever serve as the ultimate backdrop or one hell of a photobomber.

I have fallen head over heels with this lookbook. It is all I have come to expect from L’amor Parisienne. And because that sumptuous Parisienne setting has set those proverbial wanderlust pangs beating away feverishly in my heart. How I yearn for a Parisienne adventure. For now I will contend with living vicraiously and being forever inspired by L’amor Parisienne. And let us not forget that resplendent ikat print featured in this collection. It is a print in which I never envisioned needing more in my life than embellished on my couch – but now my mind colludes in daydreams of being draped head to toe in this ikat print. And then of course, there is that ever so dazzling sequin sweater, who is battling fiercely for primary reins on my ever-expanding wishlist, which I have now happily dubbed the covet list. Because it lessons the guilt on the purse strings.

Much love always lovers,

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