princess of couture

Sashii Kami, a fashion design student with a love for illustration has revamped the Disney heroine and villain into a modern day princess of couture and fashion forward fashionista. Like most of us, a good part of our childhood was spent either watching Disney videos or out in the great outdoors role playing the adventures of a Disney princess. I think it’s fair to say we all have a fondness and infinity towards all things Disney and I can’t help but gush over how these flamboyant illustrations have transformed that classic ideal of a princess into a princess of couture.

Simultaneously whilst also rendering me utterly weak at the knees over the sheer brilliance and creativity.

princess of couture

princess of couture

princess of coutureprincess of couture

When you come to think of it, I can’t believe a reinvention of such characters has not been done before. Well not one that has left quite the impact on the internet as this has that is. It is refreshing to see such iconic literary and TV figures brought back to life in a modern way. Yet still in keeping with their lavish image, the accompaniment of couture fashions no less. These leggy femme fatales are undeniably lust worthy and I can’t help but find myself instantly analysing in a feeble attempt towards finding my style ‘sister’. And amongst the princess and their evil counterparts, I’m finding myself drawn towards more than one character. More like a cross between the edgy bohemian chic of Pocahontas and the fierce wrath of Hades.

So which princess or villain are you? Be sure to check out more of Sashii Kami’s illustrations on the Devient Art page.


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