Celebrity Fashion Watch: The Maxi Dress   If there's one fashion item right now that every star seems to be photographed wearing, it's the maxi dress. Maxi dresses are the ultimate star power accessory - flattering enough to suit any figure, shape or height and dressy enough to create glamor with minimal effort.   With this in mind, here is a look at the top celebrities who have been snapped rocking the prom dress fashion and a guide to recreating their look at home; without the need for a celebrity budget!   Heidi Klum   Heidi Klum is one of the most glamorous women in the A-Lister industry so if she's spotted sporting a trend, chances are it's about to take off with the wider public. She also manages to maintain her high profile and glamorous look whilst juggling her role as a mum - something all us women aspire to do.   The maxi dress is the perfect item for a low-fuss wardrobe which offers great results. Heidi was recently spotted in a chic black and white halter neck maxi dress, accessorised with dark shades and a simple up-do for her hair.   This outfit would have taken no time at all to put together for the model. Yet thanks to the eye catching design of the fabric, the strong dress style draws attention away from her minimalistic approach to the hair and makeup department.   Mischa Barton   Following the end of her role in the hit TV series, The OC, starlet Mischa Barton has had varying degrees of success in her fashion attempts. However, one look she always manages to get right is the 1970's inspired look of bo-ho glamor.   Funky patterns and feminine floral prints dominate this look and are beautifully offset with chunky accessories and leather gladiator sandals.   Nicole Ritchie   Nicole Ritchie is living proof that the maxi dress is a great cut for nearly everyone; particularly given the different ways and styles in which it can be worn. Nicole always opts for plenty of fabric, with long and voluminous dress styles that cover and hang from her extremely petite figure.   She always pairs it with equally excessive accessories to complete her 1970s inspired glamor. These include oversized sunglasses, intricate drop earrings and tribal themed jewellery.   Her choice of fabric is also noticeably different, often opting for a silkier, more luxurious feel that would allow her outfit to look perfect at a wedding or formal occasion. All she's need to do to make the transition is simply swap the sunglasses for a pair of high heels.

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