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rainbow party spoons
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Food Porn Thursdays!

I think it is safe to assume that we all feel like we are just giant kids at heart. So much so that it is incredibly hard to not feel our inner child perk up with sheet excitement and delight over seeing these whimsical rainbow party spoons. A sweet treat that is seemingly a vibrant and playful take on our childhood nostalgia for all things bountifully colourful and sugary. And a delectable treat perfect for any kind of celebration, mood or party theme.

These rainbow party spoons are actually effortless to create, and you can view the recipe here.

On a side note, while the vibrant hues of a plastic spoon are undoubtedly entertaining, there is no denying how troublesome plastic is in our environment. Fun for a few minutes but Mother Natures nightmare for centuries. If you’re looking at creating these for your own soiree, why not look into biodegradable spoon options or even compostable versions? Not only are they more ideal and sustainable, but they can be even more aesthetically appealing than colourful plastic counterparts. There is also no doubt you’ll also win over your party guests with these eco options. Though we also need not take the joy out either as there are still colourful and compostable options available too.

Bon appetite lovers,

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