1. Asymmetrical leather vest by Alexander Wang
2. Leather logo tee by Yves Saint Laurent
3. Kate suede print and corduroy leather wedge booties by Isabel Marant
4. The rider skinny jean by Current/Elliott
5. Arty glass ring in gold by Yves Saint Laurent
6. Maia faith applique by Jill Sander

I’m not a fan of ‘designer-designer’ clothing, a term Mrs Beckham coined in ‘That Extra Half An Inch’ style book. It defines designer clothing that just unabashedly lets you know it’s designer. My first ever ‘designer-designer’ piece was the iconic J’adore Dior tee made famous by Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. It was crisp white with pink monogramed lettering, fit like a dream and it left a massive hole on my credit card and honestly never truly saw the light of day! It was an uber expensive investment – uber expensive for an 18 year old uni student working part time in retail – that left people gaping over the Dior awesomeness emblazoned on me just because it was Dior, and I hated that it got me attention for all the wrong reasons! As you can see I’m definitely not one for plastering about what I’m wearing with loud, visible logos because it just makes me uncomfortable, so as you can imagine, it’s not something I heavily invest in neither. However the YSL logo tee is a little different. I don’t feel like it’s obnoxiously letting you know what it is but more as a celebration of the brands heritage and who knows, it may be it’s last huzzah with that name change and all so I do believe this piece is a wise investment.

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