Whilst facing a long weekend with only bad reality TV, my dog Chanel and some nasty a** virus that decided to take residence, I found this awesome DIY over at Frankie Magazine! Yarn fonts is a little bit chic and a whole lot of hipster cool, the idea originally stemmed from a kiddie DIY over on Bloesem Kids, but nevertheless, CHALLENGE EXCEPTED! Now feel free to use whatever word comes to mind like if you’d rather use your name etc. I used the word ‘love’ so I you want to do the same I promise I won’t mind!

Also, if you didn’t notice this is my first ever DIY post, so I hope I’ve provided enough deets for y’all! Now to start…

Pretty straight forward, you’ll need some pipe cleaners and yarn. I wanted to use twine for my own but at the time, all I could find some pastel pink crochet thread so go ahead and use whatever in whatever colour you’d like or can find, the skies the limit!

To shape your word you can do it in either two ways. One is to connect your pipe cleaners into one, long line then shape into your word. The other is to shape each pipe cleaner into individual letters, making sure to leave some extra room for connecting them to each other, then twist them together to form your word. I used the later, as pictured, as it felt more comfortable for me.

Once your happy with your letter shape, wrap the yarn over and around until the pipe cleaner is completely covered and not visible and making it as thick as desired. I attached some funky red pom-poms onto the end of mine so feel free to let your creative juice run wild and add and personalize as you see fit.

Et voila, you’re finished and ready to display. Don’t forget to reshape if needed then call your family and friends over to marvel at your creative genius and general awesomeness!

Hope you guys enjoyed this, if it get’s too confusing you can also check out Bloesem Kids or holla at me and I’ll set you straight. Don’t forget to let me know if you’d like to see more DIY from me and I’ll get my thinking cap right on!

Much love,

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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