Something I am endeavoring to rectify on this blog is the lack of personal posts. There is a ton I would love to share with you all however trying to find help from friends whose schedule permits some free time and whom, most importantly can take photos is horribly rare these days and of course my current lack of photographic equipment (lost” on my last adventure) does not help this situation. I know what you’re thinking excuses right? Well once you hit your mid twenties and ‘real’ life sets in maybe you’ll understand! That said I do carry my phone around like it’s the air I breathe so you can always keep up to date on my personal cray-cray adventures and musings through my Instagram!

Follow me @soniademacedo and with some luck the new year will also bring along some fresh new personal content too!

Some inspiration to start the day   //   Came home to some fabulousness!

Wrist details   //   Mmm lunch!

Dainty catch ups with besties    //   Bring on the New Year please!

Love waking up to this face   //   New Tory Burch iPhone case

Werk!   //   Daisies

Drive-in movie night!   // Fish and chip noms

Selfie’s   //   Should I?

Just chilling   //   Love kiddie party food!

Hope you enjoyed that little glimpse into my randomness from the past two months! Feel free to follow me @soniademacedo you know, in case you forgot to do so the last time I mentioned it in this post!

Much love,

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

metaphoric love child of debbie harry and stevie nicks. weaver of words. infatuated with shoes.

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