hit TV show Gossip Girl
will be drawing to an end shortly, with the
culmination of its sixth and final season. The US series is adored by fans for
its high drama and trendy New York setting, but perhaps most of all for its
fashion sense.

female characters of Gossip
have influenced high street shops and catwalks, and they will
be sadly missed. Women of all ages took style inspiration from the series, and
men, too, found a style icon in the pastel-wearing metrosexual Chuck Bass. As
the moment of that final ‘XOXO’ sign-off draws nearer, here are some other
TV dramas that have dramatically influenced women’s fashion.


to this hot US import, voluptuous secretary Joan has been inspiring countless
women to nip in their waists in demure tailored dresses. Set in a successful ad
agency in the 1950s, the action (and the costumes) later advanced into the
early 1960s. With lashings of retro fashion and vintage style, Mad Men has encouraged
women to wear 50s style dresses with full, swinging skirts in floral patterns
or pastel prints. A little bit of retro glamour never goes amiss, and teased
hair and big earrings are essential to complete the look.

and the City

Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda have been bywords for style since the show
first aired in 1998. The series quickly became known as much for its
fashion-forward wardrobe as for its plotlines. Carrie Bradshaw had a terrific
line in fancy footwear, and famously would go through hell and high water to
preserve her vast shoe collection. The ladies continued their march through
style with the two Sex and
the City
movies, allowing fans to catch up with the characters
years later. When taking style tips from the fabulous foursome, remember that
the right shoes are essential to pull together an outfit, and don’t forget to
top it off with a chic clutch or ‘It Bag’.

mourn the loss of Gossip
for too long: why not recreate the look of your favourite
character to fend off those end-of-series blues? Pull on some comfortable
and stylish skinny jeans, add a pair of
heels, a smart shirt and a blazer, and stride through the streets as though you
were in the Big Apple with Serena, Blair and the gang – it’s guaranteed to make
you feel better!

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