So another year down and another one is just starting to begin and what better way to ring in the New Year than with a whimsically snazzy pair of glittery shades! I was in search for said piece but couldn’t find anything that I really loved, the closest I came across was a pair of plastic ones that I thought I could jazz up, then a friend suggested why not just make it yourself and BOOM! Challenge excepted!

You’re going to need a mask template to start off with, which can easily be found with a simple Google search. I chose this one from because I adored the cat eye! You will also need some thicker GSM paper or cardboard, patterned or plain plus some lace or elastic to secure the mask to your head.

Trim down the template and paste down onto paper / cardboard, making sure you stick it template side up and cover the entire surface of the mask with glue, this way it makes it easier for you to see whilst your trying to cut the shape. Allow to dry for a few minutes then proceed to cut.

On a separate paper draw ‘2013’ and roughly cut around and glue onto paper / cardboard, much like the first step. If you’re pressed for time or not the best freehand drawer never fear! Just go into a Word program and type in ‘2013’ and just modify the sizing and typography to your liking, just make sure when you glue them onto the paper / cardboard you glue them face down because when you cut them out you will want the numbers on the paper / cardboard side to face the correct side, not the other way round! Once you’ve allowed them to dry cut around the numbers and make sure you leave an extra few centimeter drop at the base of each, which enables you to easily secure them onto the mask. Arrange the numbers on the mask to your liking, trimming the excess if needed then secure with some glue and sticky tape.

Once all letters are securely placed and you are happy with the placement transfer over to an open newspaper and cover each number with some PVC or glitter glue and smother the heck out of them with some fabulous glitter. You don’t need to smother them if you don’t want to, just add to taste. Allow to dry for some time then attach your elastic or lace to the back of the mask and viola! This b**** is ready to roll!

Also go right ahead and be as creative as you want with this mask. If you’re using plain paper / cardboard why not try some polka dot glitter spots or completely cover the entire mask in glitter? The world’s your oyster and it’s New Years, be as little or OTT as you want to be!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY. I had fun making this and it actually didn’t take too long to do either, no lies, promise! Anyhoo sending you all my love and wishing you very happy New Year’s dolls, thank you once again for your continued support and love with my blog, I’ve had an awesome year sharing my creative musing with you all and hope to bring you even more in 2013.

Cheer’s to 2013 – may she be kind to us all.

Happy New Year!

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