Eating a
balanced diet isn’t just about maintaining a healthy weight, there are several
other benefits too. A healthy diet won’t just get you into that special pair of
jeans but will also affect your mood, general health and  skin.

In order to get great skin you have to look after yourself from the inside out and to do this you need to eat as wide a range of food as possible, with at least 5 portions of delicious and colourful fruit and veg. Studies show that vitamins C,E,A,K and B are the most effective in rejuvenating and boosting your skin.

Why not try a glass of orange juice in the morning for vitamin C. A lettuce and spinach salad is rich in vitamins E and A and will make the perfect addition to your regular lunch. Finish the day with an added portion of broccoli and asparagus with your dinner to stock up on vitamin K. If you get hungry during the day add some tasty pistachios as a snack to increase your consumption of vitamin B. 

Once you have the right diet for your skin you can then give yourself an extra nourishing boost using Johnson’s fabulous skin care range products providing you with all the extras you need to care for your skin. Why not start using Johnson’s face care range with added antioxidant vitamin C, pro-vitamin B5, zinc, magnesium and copper. That way, you know that even if your diet has a few bad days, your skin will still remain glowing and well fed.

As an added skin irritation, many of us suffer from stretch-marks on various areas of our bodies. Maintaining a balanced weight will help prevent stretch-marks whilst vitamins C and E and the mineral zinc can keep your skin in top condition to reduce the signs of stretch marks altogether. If you’re struggling to rid yourself of these marks, Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil is specially designed with vitamin E and is proven to get to work in just 4 weeks, boosting skin elasticity and giving you your confidence back. 

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