How was everybody’s Christmas? Mine was fabulous, thanks for asking! Spent amongst good company and obviously too much food. Seriously, I indulged way too much and decided to detox first thing the next morning-yet that lasted a mere few hours *shakes head in shame* I forgot about all those tempting leftovers and soon enough laziness took over and I indulged once again! Oh well, it only comes around once a year so no point in beating ourselves up over it! Here’s a few Insta-shots of my Christmas fun!

Christmas lunch / Cheeeeese!
DessertMerry Christmas to me!

Chanel’s new friend Gingy-Pants / NOT an Aussie Christmas without a pavlova

So another Christmas has flown right by and the New Year is at our doorsteps and so comes the resolutions. I’ve just started thinking about mine, only this time I don’t want to do the mundane and pick obvious goals like weight loss etc, that’s pretty much a given anyway for me but I wanted to set more challenging goals like crossing a few things off my bucklist such as driving from Chicago to LA via Route 66, I’ll share a few more with you in the New Year as it’s only fitting. 

I’ve also set some goals for this blog, the main one is it’s design and content and I am really debating about crossing over to the dark side! A WordPress blogging format that is! I just want something more cleaner and streamlined and feel like WordPress can deliver on that. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? I’d love to hear your opinions! Should I move over to WordPress? Let me know below!

Much love,

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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