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“so, ok, you’re probably going, “is this, like, a noxzema commercial or what?” but seriously, i actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl
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A show of hands please if you remember that 90’s cult hit movie, Clueless?

Personally when I think of the infamous 90’s I think all things grunge, sartorial plaid shirts and the movie Clueless. I was enthralled with the latter. In particular Cher Horowitz enviable lifestyle in the burbs of Beverly Hills. It was that revolving wardrobe and computer program to aid in fashion faux pas that had me from the get-go.

When it comes to the naughties, there is no denying the significant rise of popularity pertaining to all things dating back to that era; especially when it comes to fashion. 90’s fashion comebacks are certainly having their moment, thanks to numerous style mavens embracing 90’s pieces wholeheartedly. And just when you think the 90’s trend could peak no more, the charm and rise of all things inspired by the naughties is brought back to life by Wildfox with their Clueless inspired recreation of the classic movie. This S/S 2013 campaign by Wildfox is every bit as epic and synonymous as the movie itself. There is no denying how utterly nostalgic and successful this re-imagination is. For me I just adore how authentic certain scenes are captured. Even that shot with the clothing sprawled out on the floor giving me a serious longing for Cher’s marvellously dreamlike walk in wardrobe.

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