I can’t begin to start to tell y’all how excited I was to be working with my lovely BFF; Stephanie Lillis. Our first collaboration on the Firmoo project was truly a most wonderful and whimsical encounter and this collaboration does not disappoint! I’ve had trouble holding in the glee and excitement of said project which will be slowly released to you all over the next few weeks. I want to thank her for gracing the lens with her natural brilliance yet again and do hope you all enjoy our sartorial adventures.

I fell utterly smitten with this gorgeous illustrated print from Australian designer By Johnny. A lovely and graceful sunflower print encompassed in a protective soft powder blue. It’s opulent vintage 70’s charm making it the perfect companion for luncheons or high teas. Adding a touch of Moroccan glamor in the clutch and a pair of dark, abstruse shades make it the ideal camouflage for any starlet.

And if you where wondering if this is my first style post, why yes it is! Thank you for noticing and I do hope you loved it.

 WEARING:  By Johnny muscle tank, Splendid leggings, Therapy platform heels, Sabo Skirt rings and sunglasses, Swarovski crystal ring, Michael Kors rose gold watch, Portmans clutch.

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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