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Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Germany 2010hippie yeah!hippie yeah!Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Germany 2010

hippie yeah!
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Hippie Yeah photography by Patrick Demarchelier, hair by Luigi Mureno and styling by Katie Mossman for the May 2010 issue of Vogue Germany.

Perhaps there is something in the stars, but I have been feeling like a change in the hair department. Though, as per usual I can not decide which direction to move towards. Per usual, I will have an inkling of an idea that I’ll rush to find references for prior to my hair appointment, but then forget to bring said images of the style I find myself lusting over. Fortunately I have the most wonderful hair colourist and stylist who somehow manages to effortlessly decipher the pig latin that slurs inarticulately out of my mouth at every visit. I honestly do not know how she manages to understand what comes out of my mouth, and truly don’t know what I would without her. I am trying to improve – though such words have become a perpetual cycle of broken promises for many moons now.

For my next, upcoming appointment I find myself feverishly researching and proverbially combing through Pinterest for some much needed hair inspiration slash style I want; particularly when it comes to colour. Should I continue with the jagged, ombre locks or switch it up to a dark, solid colour? Much like the fierce styling in this Hippie Yeah editorial.

Ex oh ex oh,

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