A quick roundup of my Insta-happenings for the month of May. As you can see copious cupcakes and the introduction of shameless selfies. On another note I’m actually contemplating changing my Twitter and Instagram handles to Daring Coco just to make things easier and would love to hear your thoughts on it; so yay or nay? Aside from that I’m feeling a tad blah and uninspired of late so sorry kids as it’s definitely affecting my blog posts. The combination of writing and creative blocks have given me a case of the blues so help this gal out yet again and give me some ideas!

For now keep up with my Insta, @soniademacedo which is all fine and dandy. I’m gonna hit the Shopbop Designer Boutique sale for now so feel free to do the same but keep your mittens off any bucket bags by Alexander Wang.

They’re mine ya hear!

Alternatively if you’re feeling generous or charitable feel free to buy me one for me.


nutella and crepes lunch date // feeling like a cool kid
love this girl! // eggs florentine for lunch
sportsgirl find… on sale… BOOOOM! // enjoying some Vitamin D
leather, florals and samantha wills for the night // cupcake brunches
i came for sweaters and left with scarfs // flower and macaron kind of morning
psychedelic sunsets from my front door // got some sportsgirl loving!
i heart you autumn! // i did it again!

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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