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muse me

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For some time now I have truly revelled in a series of collages produced by blogger Stephanie from Faiiint. Her deeply resplendent photomontages of found art and photography always conjure up intense emotions and inspiration. Over time this was something which I began to find myself yearning to create. Wanting to conceive something similar (so Stephanie, if you’re reading or seeing this, I hope you don’t mind) yet not an exact copy. More or less a “Muse Me” type of series; one to serve as another much needed creative outlet and expression of my own personal disposition and temperament from my end. But also to perhaps set the creative tone and atmosphere for the coming weeks. But most importantly for the reader to also find themselves fascinated and able to draw inspiration from too.

So I have decided to incorporate this distinct “Muse Me” mood board into the blog.  Not only will it be a small and bold glimpse into my creative and mind musings at the time. But also as a way to share some more of my own writings on topics other than the usual fashion and style fanfare and frivolity. Themes like an opinion piece or two on current social issues but also to simply share and highlight some of my own personal struggles in life. Like the collage above, which currently reflects my own frame of mind. An atmosphere that feels like it is teetering on the edge but remaining mysterious yet. And the utter strength that pure black and white imagery can create, such a powerful force in ones tale but also to the visionary senses of the observer. Something which is akin to our own intense inner emotions and workings.

Then add some Nirvana. Sheer, creative perfection.

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