pale days

Photography by Astrid Saloman for Fashion Gone Rogue.pale dayspale daysPhotography by Astrid Saloman for Fashion Gone Rogue.Photography by Astrid Saloman for Fashion Gone Rogue.pale days

pale days
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Caitlin Lomax photographed by Astrid Saloman and styled by Kate Gaskin for Fashion Gone Rogue.

To me this Pale Days editorial is much a reference to both chilly Melbourne mornings and my morning bed-head; though the later holds much less grace. And unlike said reference to prickly morning strands, this collection of sartorial pieces are more like artful, textural works of wonder. And I for one am utterly besotted with that resplendent fringed piece.

Pale Days showcasing clothing pieces by fellow Melbournian Natasha Fagg and her immaculately resplendent beading and sculptural prowess. And all paired with footwear by Giuseppe Zanotti. The organic opulence in the clothing itself accompanied against a washed out provincial setting holds even more ease and elegance. It is one that effortlessly inspires and ignites the senses. It creates a realm of ethereal mystery and mastery. Or perhaps of a future dystopian society. This editorial leaves you with fervent intrigue and curiosity. A tale that is yet to be told. Until now.

Happy weekend lovers.

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