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I can’t seem to shake off this writers block guys so apologies for the lack of enthusiasm and posting of late, hopefully I’ll be able to rid myself of it stat. Creativity of the graphic and imaginative kind is still yet to suffer at this horrid fate and have been finding myself immersing more in fiction writing and visual moodboards. I was also thinking of sharing some of my short stories on here with you all so stay tuned. Anyhoo I do hope you enjoy the above’s  quaint little collage of lost, sultry retro inspiration and accompanied by some equally velvet and classic Oasis is my state of bliss right now – this song was also voted number 1 on Australia’s Triple J Hot 100 of the past twenty years. Not that I was surprised at that ranking as this song defines and is utterly nostalgic of the plaid cladded, angsty 90’s for me. Click here if you wanna check out what’s hot, it’s actually a pretty awesome walk down memory lane and updating your playlist with some seriously good tunes. It’s also rekindled my love for Blur’s Song 2 which I deleted off my playlist a few months back because of the constant repeat and growing tiredness – though I shan’t make the same mistake twice; I’ll be sure to change it up.

What songs are you loving and stuck on right now?


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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