It’s funny how Instagram has become such an integral part of our lives, used compulsively daily and now evolutionarily imprinted into our brain chemistry with fervor. We find ourselves judging everyday objects (or ourselves) and rating their Instagram appeal. We are now consumed by an insatiable need to show the world what we see. Some in an appreciative and artistic manner and most the complete opposite. But hey, we weren’t all struck by the shutter bug. I too am incredibly guilty of posting those token foodie shots and selfies. I am constantly mentally traipsing through various accounts during the day, sating wanderlust pangs, looking for inspiration or just feeling slightly curious at what’s going down with them Rich Kids of Instagram – hey don’t judge – it is vital to know who’s taking selfies with their fathers new Lamborghini you know!

Honestly you won’t find any pretentious selfies splayed across a Ferrari or two in my own account or shots of myself in my teeny weeny bikini playing by my Olympic sized swimming pool with a view of the Atlantic Ocean behind me – well not yet anyway, but you will find good wholesome fun, shenanigans and of late, lots of pretty flowers.

So if you like what you see then remember to hit me up @soniademacedo as I am always looking for new kids to follow and in case you’re wondering a Rolls Royce or six Hermes Kelly bags are not a prerequisite for a follow.


Vintage snake ring on freeeeezing fingers // Thanks Shardette for my awesome Roc sunnies
Miss Chanel //  Morning selfie
Marbled pink skies at dusk //  #fromwhereistand
Fancy footware! // Super bowl
Sneaker kind of day // Long walks on the beach
Found my lost Bulgari // New York City newness
Hurray for newness // Stripes for brunch

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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