NOW PLAYING:  What goes around… /… Comes around – Justin Timberlake

Excuse my absence kids I’ve been busy of late and with both writers and creative blocks striking yet again I haven’t had much to post about. And I’d much rather dazzle you with awesomeness as opposed to something bland and bearing no substance just for the sake of blogging. Hence the lack of brilliance up lately. I strive for quality not lackluster so bear with me and I’ll eventually get my shit back together and start shining like the crazy diamond I am. Anyhoo I’m still reeling after JT’s epic performance at the VMA’s last Monday and have had his albums on a constant repeat since then, especially the song above. What can I say it’s my jam and was my saving grace after an awful but liberating breakup many moons ago and I’ve been playing it errryday endlessly and shamelessly singing out loud to in the car and shower but hey, whatevs. I’mma do what I want!

To those who read my previous style post my apologies. I now realize how little sense it makes. I also realize there’s a slight chance that the above makes no sense either. My bad. I told you, not feeling like a wordsmith lately.



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