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It’s already November and while the majority of my lovely readers are welcoming (or more appropriately rejecting) the appearance of crisp, frosty weather and lovely white snow flakes, over on this side of the world we’ve stolen your sunshine and are preparing for summer. And with the despicable Australian heat so comes one’s preference for fresh white everything. Maybe it’s my subconscious mind yearning for cooler weather and dainty flecks of snow or perhaps it’s just my mind turned to mush by the heat, but either way I am always attracted to it’s brightness and purity this time of year. Especially with the dawning of the silly season, which has everything to do with my dreams of a white Christmas. And with that thought and in keeping with the spirit of being merry I could not help but include John Lennon’s infamous quote on happiness on this collage. It is my most favourite quote and always brings me a smile.

So here’s to November, may it be kind to you all and bring you lots of love, light and smiles.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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