Cross front shirt by Witchery
Varsity clutch by Charlotte Olympia
Mini serpent bracelet by Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry
Mirrored round frame sunglasses by Cutler and Gross
1969 Bandits shorts by One Teaspoon
Yvette satin heels by Giuspeppe Zanotti

I had every intention on rambling yet again about the pains and perils of an Australian summer. That God awful ghastly heatwave and sleepless nights that plagued us last week. You know the spiel, oh woe is me and all but whilst composing this lovely set above last night and trying to find a pretty sheer white shirt I came across one that really caught my attention. You see, I’ve been in search of the perfect white shirt, one that sits and drapes in all the right places, that knows how to breathe with you and opens up in the center in the most flattering and heavenly of ways for someone cursed with annoying broad shoulders. There was something about the potential plunging neckline, it’s billowy and flouncy nature and what appeared to be the ultimate design and cut. I knew I had to have it, and have it now. Unfortunately she was sold out online in my size but I made sure to clear out the morning schedule and run and find it. And run I did. And I totally found her and obviously, made her mine.



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