Double finger ring by Nina Ricci

Rodriguez jumpsuit by One Teaspoon

Striped crop by Olympia Le-Tan

Mini Harley bucket bag by Rebecca Minkoff

Acetate aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Abra block heel sandles by Belle by Sigerson Morrison 

It’s almost time kids. And man do I wish i could say I was completely oblivious to this weekends festivities but alas this world of social media and instant information at ones fingertips won’t let me live in blissful denial! I got my usual Sabo Skirt newsletter last week and had to hold in the giggles at the title of it. Coachellous. Well I could not have put it better myself. Another round of scantily clad youths, floral crowns and selfie influx’s on Instagram as well as Coachella Valley sunsets dotted with towering palm trees and that infamous Ferris Wheel are sure to give anyone a bad case of Coachellous-ness. Hell if I was actually there you bet your sweet ass I’d be doing the same thing. Though I’d also be swamping your feeds with clips of Muse, Lana Del Ray, Lorde and OutKast because lets not forget people, it is a music festival after all. Oh and I’d  preferably be decked out in some leather dungarees and white framed aviators like the ones above. And of course stripes. I can’t live a day without something stripy adorning my body.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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