Voodoo Child tank by Zoe Karssen

Handmade cat eye sunglasses by ASOS

Coin cuff bracelet by ASOS

Small medallion bracelet by Givenchy

Milla moccassin botties by Isabel Marant

Clare bag by Chloe

Texcoco embellished skit by Needle & Thread

Who’s been obsessively, compulsively, hashtaging Coachella stalking on Instagram? Guilty, unashamedly, guilty. What can I say, I just can not help myself kids. Le Real World can suck sometimes. Was it just me or was it a little on the sleepy side at that? And by that I mean that my feed was horribly quiet. Supposedly the reception was bad up that way but I know better. They had far too much fun under the desert sun to update us cretins! Blah, can you really blame them? Well no. I’m just being a total drama queen. And I know what you’re all thinking, wow, another look – but truth be told I was actually tossing up between the two looks last week. I couldn’t decide between dungarees or a fabulous, inappropriate embellished skirt? Then I realised why not both? Et voila, yet another ensemble of some dream look that I’ll be imagining traipsing through those green lawns and palm tree laden horizons. Stage to stage, VIP pool party to VIP pool party.

I am so Coachellous right now.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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